Ἀρέθουσα, 23 September 2018


isol­a­tion, intro­spec­tion, relax­a­tion

ambi­ent, folk, drone, acous­tic, vocal, field record­ings, early music, spir­itual

Hasan al-‘Ajamî - Le chant de Sanaa / The Singing of Sanaa (2005, Har­mo­nia Mundi / Ocora)

Ooh, some really nice space ambi­ent from Alpha Dream­Drift X on Music for Jour­ney Sim­u­lat­ors (2018, Hairs Ablazin’).

Starts fully dreamy and stretched out, but tight­ens into mater­ial under­pinned with beats near the end. Would indeed be worthy soundtrack mater­ial.

Early morn­ing space travel. Alphax­one is tak­ing me on a trip to the Edge of Solitude (2018, Cryo Cham­ber).

Mehdi Saleh chan­nels that detached feel­ing of float­ing across non-earthly land­scapes. Pier­cing the void. Only the plan­ets as com­pan­ions.

Theo Bleck­mannElegy (2017, ECM)

Bleck­man­n’s soft voice over a mean­der­ing and con­tem­plat­ive jazz back­ing, tinged with post-rock.

On Arc of a Snow­fall (2018, Was Ist Das?), David Colo­han hearkens back to the Agit­ated Radio Pilot days, or the ambi­ent parts at least.

Mel­an­cholic, out­stretched synths­capes like only Colo­han makes ’em. For the late nights.

Fel­lirium’s ambi­ent on Mer­maids (2015, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ) is like the sea: light on the sur­face and dark in the depths.

Subtle elec­tric gui­tar swells, rain­makers, drones. Recalls the phys­ical weight of the ocean at times, but also its oneiric lay­ers.

Doing some con­tem­plat­ing with Stained Glass by Mono­chromie (2018, Flut­tery) in the back­ground. Lovely subtle elec­tron­ics, crackle, warped piano, loops.

Mont­ser­rat Figueras; Hespèrion XXI; Jordi Savall - Battaglie & Lamenti: 1600-1660 (2000, Alia Vox)

Anne Malin’s songs on Fog Area will go down well if you like your folk unset­tling and haunted.

Songs from unquiet graves, min­imal melod­ies with a ton of grit. Out on Octo­ber 12.

Roads For is an EP by A Model Kit, which came out in 2013 on Hid­den Vibes. Wist­ful strings and piano, the occa­sional voice or bird­song. Min­imal but meas­ured, serves well as a night­cap.

Valentin Sil­vestrov - Sac­red Works (2009, ECM New Series) 

Wak­ing up to Urze de Lume’s relax­ing camp­fire neo­folk on As Árvores Estão Secas e Não Têm Fol­has (2018, Equi­lib­rium Music)

An autum­nal inward jour­ney with gui­tar, rebec, whispered Por­tuguese, and field record­ings. In the same vein as San­gre de Muer­d­ago.