Playlist: 10–16 September 2018

Dark. Cold. Winds. Ugas­anie in fam­ilar, icy ter­rit­ory.

Tarpan’s crusty death metal is del­ish. Thick as gravy, and groovy too.

Бездна (The abyss) - lit­er­ally bot­tom­less.

These Rus­si­ans mean busi­ness, and God­dess knows I’m buy­ing what they’re selling.

LemKuuja is a pro­du­cer from Jordan, and Cheese­cake+ (2018, Busi­ness Cas­ual) is his latest album of future-funky tunes.

He’s per­haps one of the best people work­ing in the genre cur­rently. A mas­ter’s touch in grooves and hooks.

Late night dream­ing. Gui­tars under the Ukrain­ian leaves, crit­ters all around. And the wind caress­ing gently.

Gamardah Fungus chan­nel the ancient magic of herbs through their sig­na­ture organic ambi­ent.

Supreme chill with TAO-net’s #nature­wave. Looks like biomes(systems) is the pro­ject’s only release — sad­face.

This one has it all, though: the soft­est synth instru­ments, a touch of new age vocals through the fil­ters of time and space.

Thump­ing min­imal noise on Sokyra by Kotra vs Edward Sol.

The dirty heart­beat of a riot, or a revolu­tion?

Four axes to grind.

Avant­garde Music is reis­su­ing Throne of Ahaz’s On Twi­light Enthroned from 1996.

Had­n’t heard it before, but it’s a proper clas­sic of mid 90s black metal. Not overly raw or gritty, with a nice rock­ing groove.

Spa­cious spir­itual drones by Nam-Khar on Secret Essence · Sangwa Dupa, which came out this year on Winter Light.

Plenty of breath­ing room for scattered drum hits, rattles, chimes.

Excel­lent! Full review in the next issue of Ex Abyssō.

On their latest album Sem­miből - a sem­min át, Agreg­ator (HUN) serve up melodic death metal of the turn of the cen­tury kind.

Not ter­ribly ori­ginal, and I’m not 100% con­vinced on the vocals, but there def­in­itely are some top-notch riffs and solos in here.

Surfpunk? Beach­wave? Who cares, dude. Just grab one of the big waves. Tubu­lar!

This one’s got, like, a bunch of gnarly songs. Don’t let the great white bite!

Taphep­h­o­bia’s ambi­ent takes us deep into North­ern forests, where we find—unexpectedly—calm, and warmth.

Ghost­wood is between worlds, and so are we when we are in it.

Slightly brighter than usual for Cyc­lic Law fare; a strong addi­tion to the roster.

A Veil of Water really hits the spot with this col­lec­tion of calm melod­ies.

Late Night Loneli­ness came out this sum­mer on Hid­den Vibes and has a supremely relax­ing blend of ambi­ent and post-rock­ish sounds.

Piano, gui­tar, rhodes, the occa­sional whis­per. The kind of chords for when you need some­thing sooth­ing and famil­iar.

I’m of a dark mind this morn­ing, and try­ing to exor­cise.

Twi­light Fauna’s EP Thera­peutic Land­scapes is get­ting me part of the way. Scath­ing ambi­ent black metal and spir­ituals.

My head’s still bowed, but there’s a spark of determ­in­a­tion there now.

We know Busi­ness Cas­ual for their top shelf vapor­wave releases, but I bet they did­n’t think twice about releas­ing this slab of dark synth EBM by White Gav­ri’el.

Vista of Chaos has plenty of dance­able tracks, but also takes the time to exper­i­ment. Stel­lar.

On Jupiter’s Immig­rants The Moor serve up nine tracks of prog metal with black/death influ­ences.

Chorus-based with plenty of nice hooks and solos, incl. a cameo by Dark Tran­quil­ity’s Mikael Stanne. Pretty slick, but it sticks.

[no band­camp]

If you liked Ikjoyce’s work on Ex Abyssō I, you’ll love Selene, this year’s album on Naviar Records.

Med­it­at­ive ambi­ent synth, darker and lighter moments, and con­tin­ued lunar themes. Always a plus for me.