Playlist: 20 August – 2 September 2018

The Necks do a big ol’ gig-like jam on an album thing, and I’m down with it. Body’ has rock­ing parts, ambi­ent parts.

Piano, bass, gui­tar, keys, and sweet per­cus­sion.

Prosper­polder is David Colo­han’s latest col­lec­tion of synth works, out on Was Ist Das?

Haunt­ing, breath­tak­ing, inspired by the out­stretched land­scapes of the Low Coun­tries’ polders.

Bor­gne hit hard with their doomy black metal on [∞], their 8th album, out on Avant­garde Music.

Syn­thised, spacy, atmo­spheric at times, but bru­tal, too.

vol. 1 of Fig­ure and Ground’s ‘Archival Series of Live Instru­ment­als’ houses six adven­tur­ous jazz fusion tracks by Bogie, Kauf­man, & Mann.

Great dynam­ics, with hard rock­ing parts, but also room for soft melod­ies on gui­tar and wood­winds to shine.

The Dark Red Seed Becomes Awake on their first full length album, out on Proph­ecy earlier this year.

A diverse album of gothy psy­che­delic folk rock, with a lovely strings and horn sec­tion, and well-integ­rated Indian and Per­sian influ­ences.

Want more psy­che­delics? Temple Music has got you covered.

Folk tracks altern­ate with indus­trial synth ambi­ences and spacey rock. Quite the trip!

Exper­i­mental synth, ambi­ent, and assor­ted elec­tron­ics, all by trans women, on the cut­tingly titled audi­o­gynephilia.

Fea­tures works by Argiflex, L’amante, Sad­fem, Laurel Blos­som, and oth­ers.

Big ??? to my sis­ters.

Crash_Reports by Suum­how is full of glitchy, grainy melod­ies and beats. This Brus­sels-based duo has made a very fine debut (out on n5MD) of what we people called IDM back in the day.

Bright, tex­tured, and even slightly dance­able if you put your mind to it.

After two nice short releases, Hun­dred Year Old Man reach matur­ity on their debut LP Breach­ing’ (all out on Gizeh Records).

Their mid-tempo post-metal is extremely enga­ging, with a smooth bal­ance of heavy mater­ial, ambi­ence, and field record­ings.

I do wish we could retire “post-metal” as a term, but this album does fit the bill. The focus is more on flow­ing struc­tures and cres­cendos than the jar­ring riff­age of metal ‘proper’.

Regard­less, these guys have mastered it here.