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Her Quiet Garden

The cat walks through the snow. Is it her garden?

Tea­house Radio is a pro­ject of Pär Boström, whom you may know bet­ter as Kam­mar­heit or Cit­ies Last Broad­cast. On this album his ambi­ent is less dark, though still a bit darker than I expec­ted, given the name.

The stroll through the quiet garden, while tran­quil, is not always a light affair. Somber thoughts some­time intrude, about death, the forces that shape our world, the fal­lib­il­it­ies of the liv­ing…

Her Quiet Garden is min­im­al­ist, med­it­at­ive, the right amount of ambi­ent sound to calmly set your mind adrift. Plucked strings emerge from more abstract waves and sink back again. Just so, we allow our thoughts to sur­face, speak them­selves, and sub­merge again.

Mean­while, the cat senses some­thing mov­ing under the snow. Her tiny ears and paws twitch in anti­cip­a­tion. Mean­while, does she know what we are think­ing? Whose memor­ies are bur­ied in this garden? Whose urn is stand­ing silently in its proper place? Or is she bliss­fully ignor­ant of all that, as we tend to think cats are?

Would that we could always be some­where in between the garden, the cat, and us.

She pounces.