Playlist: 6–12 August 2018

Ran­dom picks from the siz­able  dis­co­graphy:

Chill vapors, weird text-to-speech, some­thing uncanny…

Demo­cracy of Dust appeared on Midira records last year and is a more bass and synth-driven take on thisquietarmy’s rock­ing drones.

Though instru­mental, the album sug­gests reflec­tion on our polit­ical cli­mate, and its future.

Hawks­moor is a synth jour­ney around Lon­don’s six Nich­olas Hawks­moor churches.

Eso­teric, more mys­ter­i­ous than dark. A treat for ana­log synth lov­ers!

Mater Natura Excelsa is a 4-way split on Avant­garde, feat. melodic black metal from Sor­row Plagues / De La Nos­tal­gie / Eld­er­wind / Dreams of Nature.

Mel­an­choly, long­ing, and a touch of 90s era Sum­mon­ing?

The best stuff is on the first half.

From earlier this year: ProtoU’s The Edge of Archi­tec­ture (Cryo Cham­ber) is a brighter record than many of her pre­vi­ous works.

She builds a city, a detached, not-quite-of-this-world place, but some­how warm and famil­iar. Soft, weighty drones.

Crisp, crack­ling, warm.

On A Cer­tain Dis­tance, Cath­er­ine Debard’s YlangYlang takes us out­side as well as inside with organic, partly impro­vised ambi­ent.

From ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ’s winter sol­stice batch.

Proper heavy psych doom from Down Under. That’s what we get from POTION on Seven Sor­cer­ers / Grave­maker, and their latest tape Women of the Wand.

This one goes straight for your neck with some weighty magics and mythic themes.

Woke up early, chilling out with the same beau­ti­ful sounds I fell asleep to.

End­less Mel­an­choly’s Ocean­mixes are sooth­ing and deep. The pro­ject’s own open­ing track is gor­geous, and there are great mixes here by Gamardah Fungus et al.