Cloudscape #80: August 2018

After a hiatus I’m back in the mixing business. This one features a lot of music covered in my new print zine Ex Abyssō ( as well as other new music.

We move from ambient acoustics, traditional influences, to rhythms and sounds increasing in intensity.

artist track album year purchase link
Ned Milligan Hollowed Stones Afternoon Hours 2018 [buy it]
Alex Crispin Ohko Open Submission 2018 [buy it]
Stephanie Richards Gong Part 1 Fullmoon 2018 [buy it]
Norbert Rodenkirchen / Robbie Lee / James Ilgenfritz Society of the First Snowfall Opalescence 2018 [buy it]
Stephanie Richards Gong Part 2 Fullmoon 2018 [buy it]
Paul Chain Lake Without Water Alkahest 1995 [buy it]
Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Hossein Alizadeh,
Kayhan Kalhor, Homayoun Shajarian
Forud (Rastpanjgah) Faryad 2005 [buy it]
Dalot & Sound Awakener Not Quiet Little Things 2018 [buy it]
The Green Kingdom Illuminations Illuminations II 2018 [buy it]
Ocoeur Passage Inner 2018 [buy it]
Morgen Wurde Sich löste (Illuvia Dubsolution) Als je zuvor 2018 [buy it]
Argiflex YYDYN audiogynephilia 2018 [buy it]
Semiotics Department of Heteronyms She Uncovers Before Me Semiotics Department of Heteronyms 2018 [buy it]
Dronny Darko Rivers of Glass Black Hive 2018 [buy it]
Lychgate Unity of Opposites The Contagion in Nine Steps 2018 [buy it]
Mount Shrine Moon’s Distrust Winter Restlessness 2018 [buy it]
Kirill Nikolai & Will Klingenmeier And I Don’t Know What’s Good For Me Coward Remixes 2018 [buy it]
Kirill Nikolai I’ve Always Been a Coward I’ve Always Been a Coward 2017 [buy it]