Album blurbs (30 July – 5 August 2018)

For your convenience, especially those who don’t stay up to date with social media, here are last week’s blurbs for interesting albums to check out!

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Chopped up words and sounds, percussions, on this experimental 1980 piece by Jerry Hunt: From “Ground”.

Out this week on Other Minds.

Whaddya know, there’s an actual new Evening of Light release!

Dark synths galore on this one…

Utred’s Tribute II is a dungeon synth cover album. His selection is very tight, drawing metal, soundtracks, new age, prog together into a remarkably cohesive sound.

Oh, and it has “Africa”. Get in there!

Turns out that I should be digging deeper into Bart Graft’s discography.

Empyrean is an astonishing mix of dream rock, new age, and synthy pop.

Dig in!

Oldie. Goodie. Freebie.

con_cetta’s sclerosis (2008) is a subtle, organic ambient record. soft bells, waves, crackles, beats.

Free lossless:

All of Business Casual’s Digital Office releases are stellar, and the fourth one (2016) is no exception.

Funky upbeat electronics from start to finish.