Cloudscape #74: August 2017

artist track album year purchase link
Yoshimi Forbidden Place Tokyo Restricted Area 2016 [buy it]
Stray Dogs Sour Vanilla And The Days Began To Walk 2016 [buy it]
Rapoon Calling Ghosts Wanderlust 2016 [buy it]
øjeRum & b.lind Skyggetunger Vandringer Og Intet 2016 [buy it]
Alphaxone Secret Path Tomb Of Seers 2017 [buy it]
Vacuum Aeterna Liminal Rites Project:Darkscapes 2017 [buy it]
God Body Disconnect Flesh Of A Ghost Sleeper’s Fate 2017 [buy it]
Keosz Consigned To Limbo AVA 2017 [buy it]
Jason Van Wyk Recollect Opacity 2017 [buy it]
Depatterning Aurora In Andromeda From The Furthest Signals 2017 [buy it]
(ghost) Elas Elas EP 2015 [buy it]
A.R.C. Soundtracks TERRAIN//VAGUE DERELICTION//MIRROR 2017 [buy it]
Tobias Hellkvist Christmas Rat Everything Is Connected 2012 [buy it]
Last Days Fading Shore Seafaring 2017 [buy it]
Near The Parenthesis Discover Helical 2016 [buy it]