Cloudscape #73: July 2017, vol. 2

artist track album year purchase link
Wicked Messenger Dreamer Dreamer|Redeemer 2012 [buy it]
Farsot The Antagonist FAIL·LURE 2017 [buy it]
God Root Of Control Water, Water 2017 [buy it]
Vindkast Unto The Earth Archaic Collapse 2017 [buy it]
Dronny Darko Lactose Chamber Abduction 2017 [buy it]
Gnaw Their Tongues Frail As The Stalking Lions Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent 2017 [buy it]
Black Earth The Severed Head Of The Crow A Cryptic Howl Of Morbid Truth 2015 [buy it]
Phantom Winter Black Hole Scum Sundown Pleasures 2016 [buy it]
Beneath The Sod Deny Thyself Circling The Drain 2017 [buy it]
Ævangelist The Only Grave Writhes In The Murk 2014 [buy it]
Wode Temple Interment Servants Of The Countercosmos 2017 [buy it]
Terzij De Horde Averoas Self 2015 [buy it]
Cold Cell Modern Pestilence (Is Salvation) Lowlife 2015 [buy it]