Cloudscape #72: July 2017

artist track album year purchase link
Real Life Rock & Roll Band Let Me Sleep Let Me Sleep / Death Is A Narrow Sea 2016 [buy it]
Olan Mill Barn Song Illuminations 2017 [buy it]
Golconda FR 87 25 to 40 2017 [buy it]
Golconda FR 150 25 to 40 2017 [buy it]
A Lilac Decline Tunneling Through The Mountain Rages 2017 [buy it]
(ghost) Visible Self Everything We Touch Turns To Dust 2017 [buy it]
Temple Of Eyes Æther Paradise Online 2016 [buy it]
Lights Out Asia Ghost Identifier Hy-Brasil 2012 [buy it]
Dronny Darko Vapor Swamps Abduction 2017 [buy it]
Council Of Nine Bargaining Trinity 2017 [buy it]
IX Tab & The Whip Angels The Sexing Of The Pope The World Is Not Where We Are 2017 [buy it]
Svartsinn & Northaunt s/t Collected Obscurities 2017 [buy it]
Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet Mineral Point Wisconsin Mining State 2017 [buy it]
David Colohan Join Hands Water, Water 2017 [buy it]
Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon A Riverscene Amended The Statue Of The Hunter Is Lost At Sea 2017 [buy it]
United Bible Studies The Archaeologists Hand Water, Water 2017 [buy it]