Cloudscape #69: January 2017

artist track album year purchase link
Tobias Hellkvist Kaskelot 1 Kaskelot: Reissue + Remixes 2017 [buy it]
Tobias Hellkvist Kaskelot 2 Kaskelot: Reissue + Remixes 2017 [buy it]
Porya Hatami Ladybug The Garden 2014 [buy it]
Okada Don’t Come Any Closer Floating Away From The World 2017 [buy it]
Ocoeur Time Over (Ocoeur Rework) Reversed – Remixes 2017 [buy it]
Giulio Aldinucci Intermittent Musical Box Aer 2014 [buy it]
Gideon Wolf Scratch Year Zero 2017 [buy it]
FOUDRE! Flesh Earth [OST] 2017 [buy it]
Merchants Gates To Merchants 2016 [buy it]
Ruxpin Memories warm you up, but they also tear you apart We Become Ravens 2016 [buy it]
Sun Hammer Untitled (February 12, 2013) MAHAMUDRA 2016 [buy it]
Laniakea Zone In Parallel Rose A Pot Of Powdered Nettles 2016 [buy it]
Angela Martyr Serpent The November Harvest 2016 [buy it]
Enmarta Passing The Hermit 2016 [buy it]
2814 Inside The Sphere Rain Temple 2016 [buy it]