Cloudscape #67: December 2016

artist track album year pur­chase link
Sabled Sun Over­grown 2148 2016 [buy it]
Umwelt Reflec­tions On A Strange Exist­ence Acid Avengers 003 2016 [buy it]
K’an Her Fractals Babel 2016 [buy it]
Mar­cus Fjell­ström Musical Cues Licht­spiel Muta­tion 2: Alech­sis 2014 [buy it
Selvans & Down­fall of Nur Mater Uni­versi Down­fall of Nur / Selvans 2016 [buy it]  
San­gre de Muer­d­ago Mensaxeiros do Pas­ado O Cam­iño das Mans Valeiras 2015 [buy it]  
Krotz Stru­der Cap of Lead 15 Dickin­son Songs 2016 [buy it
Stone Breath The Singing Corpse Crypt­ids 2016 [buy it
Dirk Ser­ries XXVII swept to the skye micro­phon­ics XXVI-XXX : res­ol­u­tion heart 2016 [buy it]
Mer­chants Offer­ings Mer­chants 2016 [buy it
Arbre du Ténéré Codice Not­turno Quando gli uomini adoravano la luna 2016 [buy it
Arbre du Ténéré Nuda È La Via Quando gli uomini adoravano la luna 2016 [buy it
Kinit Her Key Grant­ing Key The Bloom­ing World 2016 [buy it