Cloudscape: 2006 Retrospective, vol. 2

artist track album purchase link
Current 93 Idumæa (Vocals: Shirley Collins) Black Ships Ate The Sky [buy it]
Agalloch Limbs Ashes Against The Grain  
Negură Bunget Cunoaşterea Tăcută Om [buy it]
Celestiial Lamentations In The Citadel Of God Desolate North [buy it
Northaunt Until Dawn Do Us Part Horizons [buy it]  
Artefactum Quinta Essentia Rosarium Hermeticum  
Alethes Eostre Aletheia [buy it
English Heretic Open The Mithraic Stargate 2006 Annual  
Six Organs Of Admittance River Of Transfiguration The Sun Awakens [buy it]
Until Death Overtakes Me Soon… Symphony III: Monolith [download it