Cloudscape #65: October 2016


artist track album year pur­chase link
Kinit Her Open Shadow The Bloom­ing World 2016 [buy it]
Ikjoyce The River (NaviarHaiku122 - mid point of the bridge) Haiku 9 2016 [buy it]
Kem­per Norton Seven Stones 3 Toll 2016 [buy it]
Bvdub 06 Yours Are Stor­ies Of Sad­ness 2016 [buy it]
Near The Par­en­thesis Reunion (Arc Lab Remix) Hel­ical Remixes 2016 [buy it]
Vek­tor­musik Excerpt#12 12.06.15 Time Woke Up In Dark­ness excerpts vol 2 2016 [buy it]
(ghost) The First Time You Opened Your Eyes The First Time You Opened Your Eyes 2016 [buy it]
Wang Wen (惘闻) Heart Of Ocean Sweet Home, Go! 2016 [buy it]
Phantom Winter Bomb­ing The Witches Sun­down Pleas­ures 2016 [buy it]
Meta­tron Omega Sanc­tum Sanc­tum 2016 [buy it]
Until Death Over­takes Me Ultraphrygian Prime Well Of Dreams 2016 [buy it]