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Previewing Wyrding


Loyal listen­ers will have heard the intriguing “Agony In Being” on the May 2015 Cloud­scape. Since the release of the EP that track came from, the guys from Wyrd­ing have been work­ing on their début album, which is now ready for release on March 1st on Small Doses.

While the Agony In Being EP pion­eered a unique acous­tic doom sound, on their new album the band hew closer to the metal sounds that inspire the band. Chan­nel­ing the vaguely church­like ener­gies of a band like Pan­the­ist, the first half of the album is dom­in­ated by organ keys, lead gui­tars, and singer Troy Schafer’s voice(s), famil­iar to Kinit Her listen­ers. And a gruel­ing death march pace, of course.

Listen to an exclus­ive pre­view of the third track, “False Concept Of Voy­age”, here:

The second half of the album takes some melodic cues from Mourn­ful Con­greg­a­tion and other funeral doom greats, but it retains the intriguing light­ness put for­ward earlier. The res­ult is an eth­er­eal take on funeral doom, warm and mys­tical, with room to breathe.

The CD ver­sion of the album includes the folky Agony In Being as bonus tracks, a good reminder of the fur­ther exper­i­mental ideas fer­ment­ing in this band, although these sur­face occa­sion­ally between the tracks on Wyrd­ing proper, too. They’re not afraid to intro­duce a bit of noise, ghostly voices, or a romantic piano piece.

Wyrd­ing is essen­tial listen­ing, not least because it serves as a for­ward and upward-look­ing coun­ter­point to the neo-tra­di­tional efforts of bands like Pall­bearer and Bell Witch. In the by now ven­er­ably aged genre of doom metal, there is surely room for both approaches.

If this leaves you crav­ing more, do check out the unnerv­ing video to the album’s first track “Pol­tergeist” over on Invis­ible Oranges.

In addi­tion, the band have put together a exclus­ive 90-minute mix of musical inspir­a­tions for us, with artists ran­ging from Scott Walker to Mer­cy­ful Fate, and Mark Knop­fler to Type O Neg­at­ive.

Wyrd­ing is avail­able on CD and LP from Small Doses. You can still get Agony In Being on the band’s Band­camp.