Previewing Wyrding


Loyal listeners will have heard the intriguing “Agony In Being” on the May 2015 Cloud­scape. Since the release of the EP that track came from, the guys from Wyrding have been working on their début album, which is now ready for release on March 1st on Small Doses.

While the Agony In Being EP pion­eered a unique acoustic doom sound, on their new album the band hew closer to the metal sounds that inspire the band. Chan­neling the vaguely church­like ener­gies of a band like Pan­theist, the first half of the album is dom­in­ated by organ keys, lead gui­tars, and singer Troy Schafer’s voice(s), familiar to Kinit Her listeners. And a grueling death march pace, of course.

Listen to an exclusive pre­view of the third track, “False Con­cept Of Voyage”, here:

The second half of the album takes some melodic cues from Mournful Con­greg­a­tion and other funeral doom greats, but it retains the intriguing light­ness put for­ward earlier. The result is an eth­ereal take on funeral doom, warm and mys­tical, with room to breathe.

The CD ver­sion of the album includes the folky Agony In Being as bonus tracks, a good reminder of the fur­ther exper­i­mental ideas fer­menting in this band, although these sur­face occa­sion­ally between the tracks on Wyrding proper, too. They’re not afraid to intro­duce a bit of noise, ghostly voices, or a romantic piano piece.

Wyrding is essen­tial listening, not least because it serves as a for­ward and upward-looking coun­ter­point to the neo-traditional efforts of bands like Pall­bearer and Bell Witch. In the by now ven­er­ably aged genre of doom metal, there is surely room for both approaches.

If this leaves you craving more, do check out the unnerving video to the album’s first track “Pol­tergeist” over on Invis­ible Oranges.

In addi­tion, the band have put together a exclusive 90-minute mix of musical inspir­a­tions for us, with artists ran­ging from Scott Walker to Mer­cyful Fate, and Mark Knop­fler to Type O Neg­ative.

Wyrding is avail­able on CD and LP from Small Doses. You can still get Agony In Being on the band’s Band­camp.