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In the cities of your eyes


In the cities of your eyes is a compilation for the benefit of refugees residing in camps in insular Greece, with all proceeds going to camps on Lesvos, Chios, Samos, and Leros.

It’s a collection of 23 tracks from the experimental corners of the musical spectrum, and a heavy bent towards experimental folk (e.g. Sandfingers, Howling Larsons, Martyn Bates, Stone Breath) and (post)industrial sounds (e.g. Cindytalk, Pylae, Amboo). Despite these rough genre directions, the tracks are quite diverse, and it’s not really possible to give an impression of the way the album flows. As fickle as the sea, I suppose.

A selection of my favourite tracks, then. Cindytalk’s “Lost In The Hum Of The World” is a shimmering piece with an occasional dark drone. Rough edges but with bits of light. Susan Matthews and Rainier Lericolais have an intriguing lo-fi piece with piano, strings, and woodwinds, a bit like early In Gowan Ring, and older psychedelic ancestors. “Cave” by Elektronik Meditation is long and varied drone piece moving from synth to guitar. Stone Breath and The Gray Field Recordings are always good, in my book, and their tracks here are no exception. A deceptively simple but typically strong guitar and voice piece from the former, and some unsettling noises and voices from the latter.

It’s not fair to expect a benefit compilation to have a strong overarching musical vision, and that’s not what happened in this case either. Rather, what binds it all together is acquaintance, centering around the Greece-based musical couple of Rebecca Loftiss (The Gray Field Recordings) and Alan Trench (Temple Music), and a shared concern for the plight of the refugees who end up on that country’s shores.

Personally I can’t think of many worthier causes than to receive refugees with as warm a welcome as possible. Picking up this compilation is a good way to send an extra contribution in that direction, and you’ll get some fine tracks in the bargain. Have a listen below, and be on the lookout for some of these tracks in upcoming Cloudscapes.