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Dream Realms


I’m not a person who usually remembers their dreams. I won’t speculate on what this says about me or my mental state, it’s just how it is. When I do remember them, they rarely resemble what The Dreaming I by Akhlys sounds like. All the same, I kind of feel what they’re getting at.

The idea of a dream realm as a fundamentally alien one feels appealing to me. Alien in the sense of having the same physical building blocks as our own world, yet put together differently, unexpectedly.

Dreams need not necessarily be chaotic or violent, like this album is, in some ways, but I feel myself drawn to the kind of dream world this swirling aural chaos is representing.

I dreamt of a sun
A sun over a sea
That knew no land
So many ships upon it
So many dreaming souls

I dreamt of a hall
Suspended in an abyss
And at its end was a mirror
Reflecting Me from afar

Maybe violent isn’t even the right word. Black Metal like this is, above all, powerful. It’s like a practically constant barrage of force, as if the world itself is rejecting your presence, or instead trying to force you forward towards some unseen future. Vocals like gusts of wind, instruments like waves of energy.

When the world you’re in feels alien, even the ambient state of your environment is a torrent of noise. Your brain isn’t attuned to which impulses to filter out,and which to let through. The only way to quiet it down is to move back to your own world.

Or sometimes, you open your dreaming eye, you continue travelling, and go on forever. Worlds upon worlds.

Gateways upon gateways
Gateways upon gateways

I dream to awaken
I awaken to dream
I dream to awaken
To form about me
A place of adumbrations
Vestiges arising from the dark of consciousness