Cloudscape: Project 71

The Posse got back together again for another ‘melt­ing pot’ group mix. My ver­sion of Pro­ject 71 is embed­ded below.

Listen to the other ver­sions here:

You can read the rules for the game, and the com­plete track­list of the melt­ing pot here.

My track­list:

XTG - Jan­itor Of Lun­acy (vocals by Ant­ony)
Randy Greif - I’m Mad, You’re Mad
Shizuka - Ten
Alio Die - Bor­age
Jenny - Untraced Song
Von Zamla - Akarondo
Picky Pic­nic - Wel­come Bockey
Yen Pox - Thin
Bumble­beez - Let’s Go Ride Some Horses
Joe Ambrose - Has­san in the City
Claude Lar­son - Spec­trum Ana­lysis
Laibach - Dig a Pony
Cur­rent 93 - All The World Makes Great Blood
Rachel Novod­buer­ska - The Broken Dishes
Kay Mar­tin and Her Body­guards - I Got It Bad
Ter­ence Mck­enna - Syn­tax­Of­Psy­che­delic­Time
Nun - Immer­sion II
Syl John­son - Con­crete Reser­va­tion
Eric Brosius - Framed
Circle - Työläisten Laulu
Worms Of The Earth - Tear­ing down the Chris­tian Pan­theon
Justin Bieber - Baby (Slowed 800%)
Escaped Trees - I Live Alone
Nico - Roses In The Snow