Cloudscape #50: Winter Solstice 2014


Austin Wintory – We Will Not Be Forgotten
Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite Mirror
Aliceffekt – For I Lost the Track of Time
Northaunt – Laid Bare Beneath the Stars
Ugasanie – Call of the North
Jeremy Soule – Upper Dorn’s Deep Interior
Mendel Kaelen – Śūñayaca-tāla
Far Black Furlong – Met Blodet Sig Alle Bestänkes
Austin Wintory – Strewn Across a Bridge
Sean Breadin – Janus dans le Terre de Merveille
Stone Breath – The Hidden Heart
Stone Breath – For Those with Ears to Hear Us
Eeem – Last Ride Across a Damaged Bifrost
The Green Kingdom – Expanses IV
Anne Chris Bakker – Norge Svømmer
Northaunt – The Autumn Sky
Aliceffekt – Looking for Silent Hills
Robert Burns – Winter: A Dirge [Read by KLH]
Netherworld – North Pole
The Cloisters – Hvislyse
Tomoyoshi Date – The Sound of the Moon
Plinth – The Pitted Reels
Petrels – Euglossa Dilemma