Cloudscape: Sacred Voice Deconstruction

In Chris­tian reli­gious music, the voice and its word dom­in­ates. In my inter­pret­a­tion, some com­posers of dark ambi­ent and related elec­tronic music genres from recent years have adop­ted this tra­di­tion of sac­red music, while sim­ul­tan­eously decon­struct­ing it. It is not music from a church or a mon­as­tery. Rather, it is com­posed of dis­tor­ted echoes of such music. The bells echo to us from across a chasm in time or space, the choirs are ghostly, dis­em­bod­ied. Some­times sound is lit­er­ally taken apart, reduced to base ele­ments, cracked open to reveal an inner void.

Accom­pa­ny­ing his latest album, Mise en Abyme, Peter Andersson of raison d’être states:

Mise en Abyme is an inner jour­ney down to the most hid­den and dark parts of the Self. Mise en Abyme lit­er­ally means ‘placed into the abyss’ and con­cep­tu­ally the album con­tains ingredi­ents from The Divine Com­edy by Dante or any sim­ilar stories/myths around the kata­basis theme. Instead of being linked to reli­gion, his­tory or mor­al­ity, it is purely a psy­cho­lo­gical and thera­peutic trip to the under­world, invest­ig­at­ing the sub­con­scious. But even in the darkest and chaotic places in the depths, there are small shades of light, hope and under­stand­ing; one can be enlightened and pur­i­fied upon return­ing to the con­scious world.

This mix was partly com­posed in this spirit, pla­cing pieces of sac­red music from Chris­tian his­tory along­side the works that are inspired to go bey­ond that tra­di­tion.


2014_deconstructing_600Incipit Musica Cath­ol­ica - Alle­luia
Ensemble Organum - Alle­luia - O Pimenon ton Israhil
Gio­vanni Pier­luigi da Palestrina - Heu mihi Dom­ine
Incipit Musica Cath­ol­ica - Mariam Matrem
raison d’être - In Lone­lienes
Cisfin­itum - Tac­tio III
Giacinto Scelsi - Alle­luja
Troum - Palas Tyn
raison d’être - The Eternal Return and the Infin­ity Hori­zon
Cisfin­itum - Devo­tio I
Gio­vanni Pier­luigi da Palestrina - Mis­sae Papa Mar­celli: Gloria
Gustaf Hildebrand - Ruins of a Failed Uto­pia
Rapoon - One Last Breath
Valentin Sil­vestrov - Dip­ty­chon: Test­a­ment
Akira Rabelais - 1440 Promp. Parv. 5182 Wawyn, or waueryn, yn a myry totyr, oscillo.