Cloudscape: Weird Evening Lament

“Weird Evening Lament” is a result of my collaboration with fellow mixer WeirdwithBeard. We’ve been following each other’s mixes for quite a while and decide to knock some shit together. The result is very eclectic, as you might expect. Hopefully it’ll make as much sense to you as it did to us.


The Doors – The Crystal Ship
Abandon Reason – This is a Private Car Park Lads
Russill Paul – Devi Mantras
Russill Paul – Bija Mantras
Ulver – Gnosis
Secret Chiefs 3 – DJ Revisionist
Radiohead – Hunting Bears
Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place
Black Mare – Blind One
Beastie Boys – Eugene’s Lament
Christian Marclay – Dust Breeding
The Caretaker – Long Term (Remote)
Ulaan Passerine – III
Eitarnora – Sing My Name
Samuel Beckett – And Suddenly I Remembered My Name
Delphine Dora & Half Asleep – And Suddenly I Remembered My Name
Tape Beatles – Lament
Kinski – Your Lights Are (Out Or) Burning
Winter Family – Psaume
The Doors – Lament
The Doors – A Feast of Friends
David Lynch – Imaginary Girl
Deaf Center – Stone Beacon
Paul Chain – 8 String Sweep
Jacaszek – III (Plec Remix)
Alva Noto – Haliod Xerrox Copy 6
Swans – You’re Not Real, Girl