Album Reviews

Cloudscape: For the Returning Sun

A special long mix, without presentation, for the people who are in need of a bit of Sun in their lives. I hope this will give you warmth and hope.

Thanks to Michael Tanner for inspiration, and to Jack de Quidt for allowing me to use his music. De Quidt’s song is the soundtrack to a short videogame by Cameron Kunzelman, which you can play here:


Michael Tanner – The Devil’s In The Details; The Angels In The Architecture
Lucy Claire – Bound in Sea
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band – Edi Beo Thu
The North Sea & Rameses III – Night Blossoms Written in Sanskrit
James Blackshaw – Sunshrine
Chris Christodoulou – Habanera of the Sun
Maria Monti – Aria, Terra, Acqua e Fuoco
Jack de Quidt – On August 11, A Ship Sailed Into Port
Monochromie – Mirage
The Angling Loser – Morning
Clint Heidorn – 11.+33° 58′ 41.85″, -117° 49′ 13.74″ (The Oak Tree)