Cloudscape: Electric Crystal Bodies: A Numenéra Soundtrack

2013_numenera_600Electric Crystal Bodies is intended as a soundtrack for a campaign of the RPG Numenéra I’m playing with some friends. I was mainly inspired by the area we are currently exploring: The Cloudcrystal Skyfields, but also by the general feel of the game: mysterious, a blend of science fiction and fantasy. I looked for songs mostly by word association with the title, but since my collection quite often meshes together nicely, making a coherent mix out of it didn’t prove too difficult. So, a journey through strange landscapes, encounters with ancient advanced technologies, and a rocking bonus track at the end. Enjoy!


Aarktica – A Plague of Frost in the Guise of Diamonds
Aarktica – A Plague of Frost in the Guise of Diamonds (Al Qaeda Remix)
Chris Christodoulou – 25.3°N 91.7°E
Alphane Moon – Full of Stars
Higuma – Crystal Rain Claw
Lycia – The Body Electric
Richard Skelton – Alder Traditions (Part 1)
Witxes – Thirteen Emeralds
Chris Christodoulou – Double Fucking Rainbow
Premonition Factory – Electric
Coil – Amethyst Deceivers
Bvdub – Towers Rise to the Sky
Manilla Road – Crystal Logic