Cloudscape: Troy Schafer – Supermoon Summer

Continuing his series of seasonal guest mixes, Troy Schafer is back with a new mix for the summer!

Find out more about Troy’s own music in our tags: Troy Schafer, Rain Drinkers, Kinit Her, and on his Bandcamp page.

Artwork: Dani Schafer – Abstract Gouache no. 5


Igor Wakhevitch – Materia Prima
New Lost City Bang Boys – Bang, Bang, Lulu
Henry Flynt – White Lightning
Junior Kimbrough – Feels So Good
Captain Beefheart – I’m Glad
Sonny Sharrock – Black Woman
Peter Ivers’ Band – Cat Scratch Fever
Maki Asakawa – ゴビンダ
The Incredible String Band – Waltz Of The New Moon
Alice Coltrane – Blue Nile
Evan Parker – (Monoceros) 02

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