Cloudscape #37.2: Wonderful Days in the Promised Land

2013_05_02_300Today is inde­pend­ence day in the Neth­er­lands, and Sum­mer seems to be finally kick­ing in for real. We shift gears for an hour or two with a double fea­ture cloud­scape, made up of a highly per­sonal selec­tion of house music and related cur­rents. The second one is about find­ing your way to uto­pia.

When we can’t find the love we seek, we try to find a way to reach that nowhere land that we keep prom­ising ourselves. Fly the rain­bow inwards or to outer space, bey­ond the waves of time. So beau­ti­ful. Maybe in the end we can all be friends.


Dune - Can’t Stop Rav­ing (12″ Mix)
DJ Paul Elstak - Rain­bow in the Sky
Crit­ical Mass - Happy Gen­er­a­tion
Inter­act­ive - Forever Young
Charly Lownoise & Men­tal Theo - Won­der­ful Days
DJ Paul Elstak - Life Is like a Dance
Dune - Rain­bow to the Stars
DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More
Marusha - Rave­land
Dune - Future Is Now
Dune - Pos­it­ive Energy
Under­world - Jumbo
Bvdub - My Sun Shines Through Your Rain
Dune - So Beau­ti­ful
Scooter - Friends

Art­work: M.C. Rohde