Cloudscape: Aqua Vitae, Aqua Mortis (Decadans vs. Evening of Light)

aquavitae_aquamortisThis cloud­scape was put together as a back-and-forth col­lab­or­a­tion by Decadans and Even­ing of Light. Our concept was to put together some­thing that leans quite heav­ily on depth and water, some­thing that chan­nels the magical and emo­tional forces of water. A lot of magic and ritual ele­ments, some­times eth­er­eal, some­times deep, some­times a touch of fire.

Many thanks to Roamin for host­ing our cloud­scape, and to The Posse for fos­ter­ing Mix­cloud col­lab­or­a­tions.

The com­plete track­list:

Silent Watcher of Dark Mat­ter - Haematoxylon
György Ligeti - 2001, A Space Odys­sey
Le Test­a­ment de la Lumière - The Wind Tells For­got­ten Times
Mylène Farmer - l’Hor­loge (intro)
Woj­ciech Kilar - The Ninth Gate (Corso)
Machin­ist - BlackBlock III
[Sample:] Akira Kur­osawa - Rashô­mon
Clayton Alpha - Some­thing Strangely Famil­iar
Charles Baudelaire - L’Hor­loge
Machine­fab­riek - Stot­ter­pi­ano
Rudi Arapahoe - Double Bind
[Sample:] Ing­mar Berg­man - Jung­frukäl­lan
Northaunt - The Fire
Nurse with Wound - Lofoten Dead­head (excerpt)
[Field record­ings]
Lust­m­ord - Immer­sion
Banks Bailey, Dar­ren Tate & Ian Hol­lo­way - Sum­mer­land V
Aghast - Totentanz
Rose Croix - Rose Croix III
Sephiroth - Dark Father
[Field record­ings]
Murai Kuni­hiko - Zatoi­chi Main theme
Les Bax­ter - The Pit and the Pen­du­lum
Ark­tau Eos - Sunken Luminar­ies
Rais­ing Holy Sparks - Cross­ing Kaew Neua Pass
URNA - Rak­shasa
Lee Jack­son - A Game of Chants
Elisha Morn­ing­star - Salerno
Edward Nikolay Artemyev - Stalker