Cloudscape: Sand Snowman – The Celestial Banquet Mix

A new instalment in our growing series of guest mixes is The Celestial Banquet, put together by Sand Snowman. He’s been one of our ‘resident artists’ on Evening of Light ever since we reviewed his first album Moth Dream, all the way back in our first month of existence, October 2006.

Since then, Sand has released a number of albums, constantly refining and improving his style of dreamy psychedelic folk. His last two albums on Dutch label tonefloat – Two Way Mirror and The World’s Not Worth It – were both masterpieces. We also did an interview with him a few years ago, which is recommended if you want to know more about the history of the project and Sand’s paintings and inspirations.

This year, it’s been a bit quieter around this project, but this mix in which Sand shares some of his musical inspirations with us will hopefully lighten the wait for his next album.

Artwork: Sand Snowman – The Wheel of Fortune (detail) (2012)


Giacinto Scelsi – Aion I
Kate Bush – Hello Earth
David Bowie – Neuköln
Japan – The Tenant
John Barry – Walkabout
Cul de Sac – Bellevue Bridge
Cocteau Twins – Otterly
Mr. Bungle – The Holy Filament
Maurice Ravel – The Gallows
Olivier Messiaen – The Celestial Banquet
Miles Davis – Orange Lady
Cam Newton – Up The River
Mark Hollis – Inside Looking Out
Alexander Scriabin – Garlands
Ash Ra Tempel – Liebe