Review: Baldruin - Nachtfalter (2012)

artist: Baldruin
release: Nacht­falter
format: MC
year of release: 2012
label: Brave Mys­teries
dur­a­tion: 29:57

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

A new name on the Brave Mys­teries label is the Bav­arian artist Baldruin (Johannes Schebler), who’s had a few earlier tape releases. The latest album dis­plays this solo artist’s love for mys­ter­ious and uncanny freefolk sounds.

It’s a mix of dif­ferent acoustic instru­ments (strings, flutes, per­cus­sion, voices) with added effects and manip­u­la­tions - a style that you don’t hear too often, but which has its par­al­lels in the music of The Gray Field Record­ings, Xenis Emputae Trav­el­ling Band, and Robin Crutch­field. The short snip­pets that form the tracks on Nacht­falter (‘Night But­terfly’) are like glimpses into a noc­turnal fairytale forest, and that should be inter­preted in the darker prim­or­dial sense, rather than with Dis­ney­fied con­nota­tions. There is a sense of lurking danger in the music, and fear, but also moments of wonder and fas­cin­ating mys­tery.

Though I wouldn’t con­sider the style of this album extremely ori­ginal, it’s not like you hear this kind of album every day either. Besides, Baldruin’s com­pos­i­tions pro­ceed at a pace that brings variety, with some­thing new around the corner every two or three minutes. As such, Nacht­falter is well worth the low price of a tape album, espe­cially if you favour the darker and quir­kier sides of folk and acoustic impro­visa­tions.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. Irrweg (1:20)
2. Wild­wuchs (3:20)
3. Undine (3:09)
4. Hohlraum (1:37)
5. Am Hang (2:57)
6. Sack­gasse (2:25)

7. Siebente Reise (3:41)
8. Spiegelung (1:11)
9. Weit DrauBen (3:11)
10. Schün­wunde (2:19)
11. Die Pur­pur­insel (3:42)
12. Xer­o­comus (1:05)