Review: Baldruin – Nachtfalter (2012)

artist: Baldruin
release: Nachtfalter
format: MC
year of release: 2012
label: Brave Mysteries
duration: 29:57

detailed info:

A new name on the Brave Mysteries label is the Bavarian artist Baldruin (Johannes Schebler), who’s had a few earlier tape releases. The latest album displays this solo artist’s love for mysterious and uncanny freefolk sounds.

It’s a mix of different acoustic instruments (strings, flutes, percussion, voices) with added effects and manipulations – a style that you don’t hear too often, but which has its parallels in the music of The Gray Field Recordings, Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, and Robin Crutchfield. The short snippets that form the tracks on Nachtfalter (‘Night Butterfly’) are like glimpses into a nocturnal fairytale forest, and that should be interpreted in the darker primordial sense, rather than with Disneyfied connotations. There is a sense of lurking danger in the music, and fear, but also moments of wonder and fascinating mystery.

Though I wouldn’t consider the style of this album extremely original, it’s not like you hear this kind of album every day either. Besides, Baldruin’s compositions proceed at a pace that brings variety, with something new around the corner every two or three minutes. As such, Nachtfalter is well worth the low price of a tape album, especially if you favour the darker and quirkier sides of folk and acoustic improvisations.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. Irrweg (1:20)
2. Wildwuchs (3:20)
3. Undine (3:09)
4. Hohlraum (1:37)
5. Am Hang (2:57)
6. Sackgasse (2:25)

7. Siebente Reise (3:41)
8. Spiegelung (1:11)
9. Weit DrauBen (3:11)
10. Schünwunde (2:19)
11. Die Purpurinsel (3:42)
12. Xerocomus (1:05)