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Review: |˟˟| (Gate) - Deconstructed (2011)

artist: |˟˟|
release: Decon­struc­ted
format: CD
year of release: 2011
label: Flut­tery
dur­a­tion: 71:08

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Lajos Ishi­bashi-Brons’ pro­ject |˟˟| is back again this year, but with a new approach. Where his first three albums fea­tured an eclectic mix of rock, indus­trial noise, and free jazz that was above all impro­vised, his latest album Decon­struc­ted focuses instead on remixes/deconstructions of record­ings from the ses­sions of the album Iter­a­tions.

While sit­ting down and treat­ing impro­vised record­ings to an over­haul entails the risk of los­ing a sense of spon­taneity, the res­ult­ing tracks on this album are cer­tainly not com­pla­cent and over­pol­ished affairs. If any­thing, a good many of the tracks offer even more lay­er­ing and sounds from many dif­fer­ent dir­ec­tions than what we heard on the pre­vi­ous album.

Some tracks, such as the fourth, “75R”, are a bit more laid back, rest­ing on a con­stant drone and with sub­dued wood­wind impro­visa­tions on top. Oth­ers, how­ever, dive deep into chaotic and dense com­pos­i­tions, with screechy loops, gui­tar and wood­wind melod­ies nearly cli­max­ing into caco­phony. Over­all, there is a pleas­ant bal­ance between these extremes, and in this way the album com­bines tend­en­cies that were heard sep­ar­ately on earlier albums, as well as adding a few tex­tures that are only achieved with later edit­ing and mix­ing.

As such, Decon­struc­ted has a lot to offer to those who enjoyed any or all of |˟˟|‘s earlier releases, but if you’re a new­comer inter­ested in highly exper­i­mental sounds on the bor­ders of jazz and extreme off­shoots of rock and indus­trial, this album is recom­men­ded just the same.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. 81U.R (6:30)
2. 55R (4:58)
3. 58R (6:24)
4. 75R (8:17)
5. 56R (10:00)
6. 67R (7:43)
7. 72R (5:10)
8. 65R (3:34)
9. 30 Seconds Of Silence (0:30)
10. 57R (18:02)