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Review: Momick (2011)

artist: Momick
release: Momick
format: LP
year of release: 2011
label: Bladud Flies!
duration: 36:58

detailed info:

Momick is a new project by Richard Moult and the bricoleur (Michael Lawrence) where they elaborate upon the mix of piano and electronic manipulation that we first heard on some tracks of Moult’s Ethe album. This style draws upon an exaggeration of the reverberating and drifting qualities of the piano sound, which brings the music somewhere in between classical and ambient.

The melodic tone of Momick is often melancholy or oppressive, and far less bright and folky than the otherwise lovely LP cover suggests. The intensity of the effects overlaying the piano sound wavers, resulting in a nice tension between crisper parts and other moments when the sound is a thick, massive wash, with even an outburst of noise at one point.

Variation between movements is considerable, particularly with the addition of some guest appearances here and there, to wit the lovely oboe of Mark Baigent in the fourth track, and the singular voice of David Tibet in a particularly emotional performance on the fifth. Of particular note too is the sixth movement, with its delightful piano swells that form a melody – or rather, a torrent of chords – that is slightly more uplifting than the rest of the album. The long final piece ends the album as it began, with a more mournful cadence.

Momick is obviously a recommended album if you enjoyed any of Moult’s earlier piano works, particularly Ethe, which featured experiments in this more ambient/electronic direction. For that reason, the album might also appeal to a more general ambient audience who are open to some interstitial dark piano sounds.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. 3:46
2. 4:57
3. 6:17
4. 2:20

5. 5:43
6. 3:35
7. 10:20