Cloudscape: Tribute to KinkFM X-Rated

At midnight between September 30th and October 1st the Dutch alternative radio station Kink FM was shut down after 16 years of dedicated broadcasting. Apart form this being a general loss for the Dutch radio landscape, it is even worse for lovers of music in the styles we usually cover on Evening of Light. For with the end of the station comes the end of the program (and since this year 24 hour channel) Kink X-Rated.

Running since the start of the station, X-Rated was the home for experimental music, industrial, wave, neofolk, ambient, drone, and all sorts of other great music. The program was first presented by Arjen Grolleman, who tragically passed away last year, and Bauke van der Wal. Later, Arjen presented the program together with Bob Rusche, who sold records in Boudisque, formerly the best record store in Amsterdam, and another institution that has passed away.

Now that Kink FM is closing down, due to dubious decisionmaking by the overarching media investment company, it also means an end to these 16 years of X-Rated in which we discovered so much great music, heard lovely interviews and live performances, and were blessed enough to be guests in the studio several times. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and Bob will be able to continue the program X-Rated at a new station, the Concertzender, but there is no doubt that the closing of KinkFM is black moment in Dutch pop history.

The mix we have prepared here is a modest tribute of ours to the music of X-Rated. Music we discovered through the program, music which is typical for the program, or otherwise came to mind. For example, Coil, Current 93, and Sol Invictus were always staple artists in the program, as heroes of the (post-)industrial music world, while Raison d’Être‘s Enthraled by the Wind of Lonelienes was the first album we ever bought in the Boudisque shop. X-Rated also functioned as our introduction to the wonderful music of Maarten van der Vleuten, which eventually led to us releasing one of his later albums. All of the tracks here have an emotional value like that, and we hope we will be able to share it with you, and give an impression of what X-Rated was (partly) about.

An immense thanks to Bob, Arjen (rest in peace!) and everyone at KinkFM for making this possible!

The tracks:

00:00 | Coil | Are You Shivering? | Musick to Play in the Dark | 1999
08:47 | Ulver | EOS | Shadows of the Sun | 2007
13:27 | Troum | Usque Sumus Lux | Eald-Ge-Stréon | 2009
19:07 | Raison d’Être | The Narrow Gate | Enthraled by the Wind of Lonelienes | 1994
31:40 | Tuxedomoon | In a Manner of Speaking | Holy Wars | 1985
34:58 | Shoc Corridor | Iceberg | Experiments in Incest | 1983
41:12 | Lycia | Excade Decade Decada | Compilation Appearances Vol. 1 | 2001
47:16 | Sol Invictus | No One | In a Garden Green | 1999
51:45 | Incipit Musica Catholica | Cunctipotens |  Incipit Musica Catholica | 1989
57:06 | Current 93 | The Mystical Body of Christ in Chorazaim (The Great in the Small) | Nature Unveiled | 1984
61:01 | Maarten van der Vleuten | Genade Oord / Regina Coeli | High Intolerance Towards Low Energies | 2008
68:19 | Vidna Obmana | Out from the Garden Reminded (Final Remix) | Chasing the Odyssee | 2011
77:16 | Gregorio Allegri | Miserere | Miserere [The Tallis Scholars; Peter Phillips] | 1980