Cloudscape: Tribute to KinkFM X-Rated

At mid­night between Septem­ber 30th and Octo­ber 1st the Dutch altern­at­ive radio sta­tion Kink FM was shut down after 16 years of ded­ic­ated broad­cast­ing. Apart form this being a gen­eral loss for the Dutch radio land­scape, it is even worse for lov­ers of music in the styles we usu­ally cover on Even­ing of Light. For with the end of the sta­tion comes the end of the pro­gram (and since this year 24 hour chan­nel) Kink X-Rated.

Run­ning since the start of the sta­tion, X-Rated was the home for exper­i­mental music, indus­trial, wave, neo­folk, ambi­ent, drone, and all sorts of other great music. The pro­gram was first presen­ted by Arjen Grolle­man, who tra­gic­ally passed away last year, and Bauke van der Wal. Later, Arjen presen­ted the pro­gram together with Bob Rusche, who sold records in Boud­isque, formerly the best record store in Ams­ter­dam, and another insti­tu­tion that has passed away.

Now that Kink FM is clos­ing down, due to dubi­ous decision­mak­ing by the over­arch­ing media invest­ment com­pany, it also means an end to these 16 years of X-Rated in which we dis­covered so much great music, heard lovely inter­views and live per­form­ances, and were blessed enough to be guests in the stu­dio sev­eral times. There is light at the end of the tun­nel, and Bob will be able to con­tinue the pro­gram X-Rated at a new sta­tion, the Con­certzender, but there is no doubt that the clos­ing of KinkFM is black moment in Dutch pop his­tory.

The mix we have pre­pared here is a mod­est trib­ute of ours to the music of X-Rated. Music we dis­covered through the pro­gram, music which is typ­ical for the pro­gram, or oth­er­wise came to mind. For example, Coil, Cur­rent 93, and Sol Invictus were always staple artists in the pro­gram, as her­oes of the (post-)industrial music world, while Raison d’Être’s Enthraled by the Wind of Lone­lienes was the first album we ever bought in the Boud­isque shop. X-Rated also func­tioned as our intro­duc­tion to the won­der­ful music of Maarten van der Vleu­ten, which even­tu­ally led to us releas­ing one of his later albums. All of the tracks here have an emo­tional value like that, and we hope we will be able to share it with you, and give an impres­sion of what X-Rated was (partly) about.

An immense thanks to Bob, Arjen (rest in peace!) and every­one at KinkFM for mak­ing this pos­sible!

The tracks:

00:00 | Coil | Are You Shiv­er­ing? | Musick to Play in the Dark | 1999
08:47 | Ulver | EOS | Shad­ows of the Sun | 2007
13:27 | Troum | Usque Sumus Lux | Eald-Ge-Stréon | 2009
19:07 | Raison d’Être | The Nar­row Gate | Enthraled by the Wind of Lone­lienes | 1994
31:40 | Tuxedo­moon | In a Man­ner of Speak­ing | Holy Wars | 1985
34:58 | Shoc Cor­ridor | Ice­berg | Exper­i­ments in Incest | 1983
41:12 | Lycia | Excade Dec­ade Decada | Com­pil­a­tion Appear­ances Vol. 1 | 2001
47:16 | Sol Invictus | No One | In a Garden Green | 1999
51:45 | Incipit Musica Cath­ol­ica | Cunc­ti­po­tens |  Incipit Musica Cath­ol­ica | 1989
57:06 | Cur­rent 93 | The Mys­tical Body of Christ in Chorazaim (The Great in the Small) | Nature Unveiled | 1984
61:01 | Maarten van der Vleu­ten | Gen­ade Oord / Regina Coeli | High Intol­er­ance Towards Low Ener­gies | 2008
68:19 | Vidna Obmana | Out from the Garden Reminded (Final Remix) | Chas­ing the Odyssee | 2011
77:16 | Gregorio Allegri | Mis­er­ere | Mis­er­ere [The Tal­lis Schol­ars; Peter Phil­lips] | 1980