:EOL03: Agitated Radio Pilot - Lights Beneath the Lake / Nothing Is Truly Lost 1

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The third Evening of Light release is a double album by Agit­ated Radio Pilot, the pro­ject of David Colohan. It com­bines the EP Lights Beneath the Lake on 3” CD-R with the com­pil­a­tion Nothing Is Truly Lost on 5” CD-R. The first album is a new recording focusing on an exper­i­mental mix­ture of folk and ambient, fea­turing Richard Moult, Gavin Prior, and Brian Con­niffe as guest musi­cians. The second album col­lects twelve tracks that are pre­vi­ously unre­leased or were released in the past on rare com­pil­a­tions. Here too, David com­bines beau­tiful songs on acoustic guitar and piano with ambient and noisy instru­mental com­pos­i­tions. It fea­tures a wide range of guest artists, including John Cavanagh, Aaron Coyne, Shane Cul­l­inane, Annemarie Deacy, Jani Hellén, Aaron Hurley, Vicky Langan, Scott McLaughlin, Gavin Prior, Enda Trautt, and Keith Wal­lace.

artist: Agit­ated Radio Pilot
release: Lights Beneath the Lake / Nothing Is Truly Lost
layout: OS & DMK
dur­a­tion: 14 tracks, 62:59
format: 3” CD-R + 5” CD-R
release date: August 2011
cata­logue number: :EOL03:


Use the player below for a sample pre­view of this release, con­taining snip­pets from 8 of the 14 tracks:

:EOL03: Agit­ated Radio Pilot - Lights Beneath the Lake / Nothing is Truly Lost [Teaser] by Evening of Light