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Review: novemthree - “From These Ashes..” (2010)

7″ Cover
CDr Cover

artist: novem­three
release: “From These Ashes..”
format: 7″ + CDr
year of release: 2010
label: Mid­night
dur­a­tion: 11:46 + 35:51

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

After a couple of split release with Arrow­wood and The Joy of Nature, Pythag­u­mus of novem­three is back this year with a new single. “From Theses Ashes..” is released on 7″ by the Chinese label Mid­night, and fea­tures two new songs.

Ashes”, the A-side, is a moody neo­folk track slowly start­ing over a crack­ling fire, and it deals with over­com­ing shame on account of one’s fam­ily’s past. The wil­ful lyr­ics com­bine superbly with the layered tra­di­tional neo­folk music of gui­tar, flute, and per­cus­sion.

The flip-side, “Cloister Garden”, is an explor­at­ory pas­toral track, purely instru­mental, a style that has been mastered by Pythag­u­mus through­out the years, and always good for a thor­oughly relax­ing listen.

If you opt for the lim­ited edi­tion of this single, which I whole­heartedly recom­mend, you’re rewar­ded with an extra CDr con­tain­ing eight more unre­leased tracks, both instru­mental and vocal; alto­gether a nice archival addi­tion to this 7″. The 7″ itself also comes on clear green vinyl in its lim­ited guise, as well as with a patch and but­tons, lov­ingly designed and made. As always, novem­three is a good bet when you are crav­ing for calm­ing and involving neo­folk with a nat­ural and even sylvan atmo­sphere.

Reviewed by O.S.


A. Ashes (5:57)
B. Cloister Garden (5:49)

1. Ashes (6:04)
2. Cloister Garden (5:50)
3. Within the Candlelit Cham­ber (1:54)
4. Mean­der­ing (1:30)
5. The Hid­den Grotto (3:48)
6. Owlet (1:59)
7. Meadow Song (the fawn and the cedar) (3:37)
8. The Black Forest (2:46)
9. Mag­pie Upon a Mossy Stem (2:52)
10. Blood Red Bird (5:31)