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Review: novemthree – “From These Ashes..” (2010)

7" Cover
CDr Cover

artist: novemthree
release: “From These Ashes..”
format: 7″ + CDr
year of release: 2010
label: Midnight
duration: 11:46 + 35:51

detailed info:

After a couple of split release with Arrowwood and The Joy of Nature, Pythagumus of novemthree is back this year with a new single. “From Theses Ashes..” is released on 7″ by the Chinese label Midnight, and features two new songs.

“Ashes”, the A-side, is a moody neofolk track slowly starting over a crackling fire, and it deals with overcoming shame on account of one’s family’s past. The wilful lyrics combine superbly with the layered traditional neofolk music of guitar, flute, and percussion.

The flip-side, “Cloister Garden”, is an exploratory pastoral track, purely instrumental, a style that has been mastered by Pythagumus throughout the years, and always good for a thoroughly relaxing listen.

If you opt for the limited edition of this single, which I wholeheartedly recommend, you’re rewarded with an extra CDr containing eight more unreleased tracks, both instrumental and vocal; altogether a nice archival addition to this 7″. The 7″ itself also comes on clear green vinyl in its limited guise, as well as with a patch and buttons, lovingly designed and made. As always, novemthree is a good bet when you are craving for calming and involving neofolk with a natural and even sylvan atmosphere.

Reviewed by O.S.


A. Ashes (5:57)
B. Cloister Garden (5:49)

1. Ashes (6:04)
2. Cloister Garden (5:50)
3. Within the Candlelit Chamber (1:54)
4. Meandering (1:30)
5. The Hidden Grotto (3:48)
6. Owlet (1:59)
7. Meadow Song (the fawn and the cedar) (3:37)
8. The Black Forest (2:46)
9. Magpie Upon a Mossy Stem (2:52)
10. Blood Red Bird (5:31)