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Review: Pacific 231 & Vox Populi! - Aramesh (2009)

artist: Pacific 231 & Vox Pop­uli!
release: Ara­mesh
format: CD
year of release: 2009
label: Rotore­lief
dur­a­tion: 64:40

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Ara­mesh is a col­lab­or­a­tion between two artists who have been act­ive in the French indus­trial under­ground since the early 1980s, to wit Vox Pop­uli! and Pacific 231. This was my first encounter with either of them, but one that def­in­itely whet my appet­ite for more of their work.

Me being new to the music of these pro­jects, I can’t say any­thing about how it relates to their earlier works throught the past three dec­ades. Where they’ve arrived now, though, is a fas­cin­at­ing area of exper­i­mental music where ambi­ent meets indus­trial, psy­che­delic music, and eth­nic influ­ences. The album is very song ori­ented, vary­ing widely in intens­ity and col­our over each of the six­teen tracks. Some tracks are very short, oth­ers hit the ten minute mark, so there is a lot of vari­ation to be found, without any clear over­arch­ing pat­tern that is forced upon the listener. Rather, it seems we are invited to take the album in piece­meal, or in ran­dom order.

Taken in that fash­ion, Ara­mesh is a won­der­ful album, sur­pris­ing in its diversity and its open sound. Most of the sound comes from synths, noises, and drones, but there is a lot of per­cus­sion float­ing around, some vocals, flute, you name it. This is one to take in lying back, head­phones on, the sun in your face, per­haps some good scents and intox­ic­ants float­ing around… you’re in for one good trip.

Reviewed by O.S.


1 Ajr (4:34)
2 Dumai (3:34)
3 Gharb (4:51)
4 Loomhe (1:08)
5 Sawt (5:24)
6 Waartve (10:00)
7 Chamal (5:15)
8 Berz (2:15)
9 Janub (2:17)
10 Mumb (0:58)
11 Alif (2:13)
12 Asas (4:42)
13 Dumai (3:31)
14 Maktum (3:31)
15 Ubub (8:37)
16 Inzur (1:50)