:EOL02: Maarten van der Vleuten - A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits

The second Evening of Light release is the new full-length album by Dutch pro­ducer Maarten van der Vleuten. Maarten has been active for over two dec­ades as a pro­ducer, DJ, and com­poser of various forms of elec­tronic music, ran­ging from techno to house, exper­i­mental, and ambient. On this latest album, he com­bines upbeat ritu­al­istic ambient tracks in the vein of his album on Tone­float records, High Intol­er­ance Towards Low Ener­gies, with calmer com­pos­i­tions, obscure drones and vocal samples. The final result reaches dif­ferent levels of intensity, from the strong pace of the opening track, to the entran­cing drone of “The Lam­ent­a­tion Over The Destruc­tion Of Mortlake”, through the techno-like beats of the pen­ul­timate track, and ending with a soothing and reflective piano-based piece. At the center of it all is the massive “The Magus”, a bright and open piece of eso­teric ambient.

The album was inspired by the works of John Dee, court con­sultant to Queen Eliza­beth I, and one of the most prom­inent magi of the Eliza­bethan Renais­sance. The eso­teric theme is reflected in the music, as well as the art­work and design, which fea­tures ori­ginal images from Dee’s work, as well as hand­made linocuts in 39 dif­ferent colour schemes of Dee’s Monas Hiero­glyphica, hand­made by Phil Legard of Xenis Emputae Trav­el­ling Band and Lark­fall Record­ings.

The first edi­tion of the release is lim­ited to 113 hand­made copies, fea­turing art­work and notes on ivory paper, and the gen­eral pack­aging on black paper. Of this edi­tion, 15 copies are part of a spe­cial edi­tion (now sold out), entirely on ivory paper, with spe­cial lyric sheet and a phial of rose leaves and scented oil.

Lim­ited edi­tion (SOLD OUT)

artist: Maarten van der Vleuten
release: A True & Faithful Rela­tion of What Passed for Many Years Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits
layout: Phil Legard
dur­a­tion: 7 tracks, 77:42
format: CDr
release date: May 1st 2010
cata­logue number: :EOL02:
detailed info: dis​cogs​.com
avail­ab­ility: Lim­ited edi­tion of 113 unnumbered copies. Still avail­able. See our order page to order this release, or for more info. Also dis­trib­uted by the fol­lowing mail­orders: Tone­float Records, Dat­abloem, Drone Records, Norman Records.

Use the player below for a sample pre­view of this release, con­taining snip­pets from 6 of the 7 tracks:

Maarten van der Vleuten - A True & Faithful Rela­tion… by Evening of Light

Video by Maarten van der Vleuten for the track “A Vision: The Garden of Com­fort”:

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-Played on KinkFM, X-rated
-Played on KX Radio, La Vie en Roose
-Fea­tured on VPRO Radio 6, Cafe Sonore


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