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Review: Ereipia - Mercy (2009)

artist: Ereipia
release: Mercy
format: Digital
year of release: 2009
label: Fin­music
dur­a­tion: 37:36

Roughly two years after the debut release, last autumn saw the appear­ance of the second Ereipia album. The basic premise of their music has remained the same since then: com­pos­i­tions for organ, piano, and synths by Kos­tas Panagiotou are paired with the vel­vety clas­sical voice of Andy Koski-Sem­mens. The pieces have a neo-romantic touch to them, incor­por­at­ing influ­ences from dif­fer­ent tra­di­tions of clas­sical, folk, and mod­ern elec­tronic music. Their set­ting is oft­times sad and mel­an­cholic, much like the music of Pan­the­ist, the pro­ject in which Kos­tas and Andy respect­ively are and were involved.

For those with a pre­dilec­tion for (neo)classical music with a slightly baroque and formal approach, this album holds much to like. The soft vocal lines and enti­cing piano melody of the title track provide the first high­light of the album, which also holds a few longer com­pos­i­tions. “Atlantis Inside” is such a track, heavy and brood­ing, and end­ing with an acous­tic gui­tar cameo by Greg Chand­ler of Eso­teric. “B.A.C.H.” is again a shorter piece, an almost sar­donic piano com­pos­i­tion that some people in the know will recog­nise from Pan­the­ist demos from the start of the past dec­ade. High point of the album for me is the longer “Impres­sions on a Sunny Win­ter’s Day”, a com­pos­i­tion with a vast, ambi­ent-like approach. It per­fectly cap­tures the mood of its title, and rep­res­ents a def­in­ite step for­ward in the evol­u­tion of the pro­ject.

The release is cur­rently only avail­able digit­ally, though at a very decent price, but this is a bit sad all the same. Ereipia are a unique voice in mod­ern neo­clas­sical music and their work surely deserves to be picked up and released on a phys­ical medium as well. Regard­less, do give Mercy an online spin, and sup­port this pro­ject.

Reviewed by O.S.

[Note: cur­rently also avail­able through the band’s own Band­camp]


1. Over­tura Sar­don­ica (1:14)
2. Prae­lu­dium Prae­cox (4:43)
3. Mercy (2:40)
4. Atlantis Inside (10:57)
5. B.A.C.H. (2:42)
6. Cyn­thia: A Romance (4:42)
7. Impres­sions on a Sunny Win­ter’s Day (8:06)
8. The Waltz of Sens­ib­il­ity (2:35)