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Review: Ereipia – Mercy (2009)

artist: Ereipia
release: Mercy
format: Digital
year of release: 2009
label: Finmusic
duration: 37:36

Roughly two years after the debut release, last autumn saw the appearance of the second Ereipia album. The basic premise of their music has remained the same since then: compositions for organ, piano, and synths by Kostas Panagiotou are paired with the velvety classical voice of Andy Koski-Semmens. The pieces have a neo-romantic touch to them, incorporating influences from different traditions of classical, folk, and modern electronic music. Their setting is ofttimes sad and melancholic, much like the music of Pantheist, the project in which Kostas and Andy respectively are and were involved.

For those with a predilection for (neo)classical music with a slightly baroque and formal approach, this album holds much to like. The soft vocal lines and enticing piano melody of the title track provide the first highlight of the album, which also holds a few longer compositions. “Atlantis Inside” is such a track, heavy and brooding, and ending with an acoustic guitar cameo by Greg Chandler of Esoteric. “B.A.C.H.” is again a shorter piece, an almost sardonic piano composition that some people in the know will recognise from Pantheist demos from the start of the past decade. High point of the album for me is the longer “Impressions on a Sunny Winter’s Day”, a composition with a vast, ambient-like approach. It perfectly captures the mood of its title, and represents a definite step forward in the evolution of the project.

The release is currently only available digitally, though at a very decent price, but this is a bit sad all the same. Ereipia are a unique voice in modern neoclassical music and their work surely deserves to be picked up and released on a physical medium as well. Regardless, do give Mercy an online spin, and support this project.

Reviewed by O.S.

[Note: currently also available through the band’s own Bandcamp]


1. Overtura Sardonica (1:14)
2. Praeludium Praecox (4:43)
3. Mercy (2:40)
4. Atlantis Inside (10:57)
5. B.A.C.H. (2:42)
6. Cynthia: A Romance (4:42)
7. Impressions on a Sunny Winter’s Day (8:06)
8. The Waltz of Sensibility (2:35)