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Review: The Driftwood Manor - Every Light Goes Out Eventually (2009)

artist: The Drift­wood Manor
release: Every Light Goes Out Even­tu­ally
format: CDr
year of release: 2009
label: Slow Loris
dur­a­tion: 27:34

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

After a very suc­cess­ful debut (mini-)album, A Gath­er­ing, in 2008, The Drift­wood Manor bridge the gap to the next one with an EP release on Irish d.i.y. label Slow Loris. Every Light Goes Out Even­tu­ally is again a won­der­ful piece, though dif­fer­ent from its pre­de­cessor, this time around with a focus on a med­it­at­ive min­im­al­ism com­bin­ing folk and drones.

The May Floods Came” opens this EP with layered man­tra-like chant­ing, backed by ori­ental drones on tam­pura and gui­tar chords. About halfway, a short piece of lyr­ics is delivered by Eddie Keenan, the man behind the pro­ject, after which the track returns to its basic mode. Of a sim­ilar nature is the cent­ral title track, which con­sists of a pro­foundly mel­an­cholic piano line of har­monic inter­vals, over­lay­ing another subtle drone. Faint field record­ings are heard here and there, as well as a deeper, darker drone. The release ends with a short coda, the folk-ori­ented “Before it Is Time”. It’s a beau­ti­ful brief piece for vocals and gui­tar, end­ing in a series of haunt­ing chords for ori­ental strings.

And so, this record, centered around the theme of death and loos, comes to an untimely end itself. One wishes this gem, which reminds me of Cur­rent 93’s Sleep Has His House in its mel­an­cholic min­im­al­ism, would have las­ted longer. Thank­fully, unlike people, CD play­ers are equipped with reset but­tons…

Reviewed by O.S.


1. The May Floods Came (12:58)
2. Every Light Goes Out Even­tu­ally (11:11)
3. Before It Is Time (3:25)