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Review: Pregnant - Spirit of Being (2008)

artist: Preg­nant
release: Spirit of Being
format: 3″ CDr
year of release: 2008
label: Reverb Wor­ship
dur­a­tion: 15:26

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Many good things come in little pack­ages, and that’s why the 3″ format is so attract­ive. Some­thing about present­ing a little release on a little format is just plain right, and it helps that many of these get released by DIY labels such as the excel­lent Reverb Wor­ship. Spirit of Being is not one of the most recent titles from this label, but it is one of a couple that stood out most from a lar­ger num­ber of releases from 2008 and 2009.

These four tracks start out with a spacy ambi­ent intro, and quickly mov­ing on to freaky elec­tron­ica com­bin­ing unusual beats, vari­ous melody synths, and glitchy sounds. “Fly”, “Walk”, and “Swim” offer dif­fer­ent modes of travel through a brief realm of shim­mer­ing music with a bright and col­our­ful oth­er­worldly atmo­sphere.

Preg­nant don’t offer any­thing extremely spe­cial with this EP, but it is what it should be: short and sweet. Accord­ing to the label web­site, it is still avail­able, but it’s a small print run, so act quickly and pick this up if you’re into altern­at­ive elec­tron­ica.


1. Spirit Of Being (1:48)
2. Fly (5:37)
3. Walk (4:13)
4. Swim (3:48)