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Review: Pregnant – Spirit of Being (2008)

artist: Pregnant
release: Spirit of Being
format: 3″ CDr
year of release: 2008
label: Reverb Worship
duration: 15:26

detailed info:

Many good things come in little packages, and that’s why the 3″ format is so attractive. Something about presenting a little release on a little format is just plain right, and it helps that many of these get released by DIY labels such as the excellent Reverb Worship. Spirit of Being is not one of the most recent titles from this label, but it is one of a couple that stood out most from a larger number of releases from 2008 and 2009.

These four tracks start out with a spacy ambient intro, and quickly moving on to freaky electronica combining unusual beats, various melody synths, and glitchy sounds. “Fly”, “Walk”, and “Swim” offer different modes of travel through a brief realm of shimmering music with a bright and colourful otherworldly atmosphere.

Pregnant don’t offer anything extremely special with this EP, but it is what it should be: short and sweet. According to the label website, it is still available, but it’s a small print run, so act quickly and pick this up if you’re into alternative electronica.


1. Spirit Of Being (1:48)
2. Fly (5:37)
3. Walk (4:13)
4. Swim (3:48)