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Review: Locrian - Rain of Ashes (2009)

locrian_roaartist: Locrian
title: Rain of Ashes
format: MC
year of release: 2009
label: Fan Death
dur­a­tion: 29:55 (x2)

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

The Amer­ican drone duo Locrian (con­sist­ing of André Foisy and Ter­ence Han­num) have been very pro­duct­ive in their few years of exist­ence as a band, releas­ing an impress­ive num­ber of releases on vari­ous formats and labels. If this tape, which is one of their latest, is any indic­a­tion of the level of qual­ity of the other record­ings, it will be an essen­tial dis­co­graphy to check out for gui­tar drone lov­ers.

Rain of Ashes is a single com­pos­i­tion of a little under thirty minutes, for gui­tar, keys, and vocals, thread­ing through dif­fer­ent parts and atmo­spheres: ambi­ent, omin­ous, intense, over­whelm­ing. The devel­op­ment of the song is out­stand­ing: it builds up gradu­ally from pure high-pitched gui­tar wail­ings to some­thing more dense and layered, and bey­ond. There are eas­ily enough dif­fer­ent parts in the com­pos­i­tion to rule out bore­dom and repe­ti­tion, a pit­fall that plagues so many other drone artists. Over the course of Rain of Ashes, we also find some gentle organ parts, slow gui­tar parts with vari­ous effects, and a cli­max of all-out noise with dis­tor­ted vocals and gui­tar.

Another nice touch is the B-side, which is actu­ally the same com­pos­i­tion but played in exact reverse. This adds a ghostly touch to many of the rever­ber­at­ing parts, besides being a fun exper­i­ment to put on a low-price tape like this. It also emphas­ises the strength of the com­pos­i­tion, as I don’t mind listen­ing to it twice in a row at all. Together, the two halves of the tape offer an hour of great music with a dark atmo­sphere of urban decay and fallen industry.

All in all, a very suc­ces­ful tape release that’s eas­ily worth its price. I’m not sure how lim­ited it is, but I guess it’s still avail­able, so go get it if you enjoy rough-edged drone music with highly var­ied com­pos­i­tions.

Reviewed by O.S.


A. Rain Of Ashes (29:55)

B. sehsA fO niaR (29:55)

A1 Rain Of Ashes 29:55
B1 Sehsa Fo Niar 29:55