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Review: Procer Veneficus – Saltwater & Glassmoon (2008)

procerveneficus_s&gartist: Procer Veneficus
release: Saltwater & Glassmoon
format: CD
year of release: 2008
label: Stellar Auditorium / New Age Dawn
duration: 43:00

detailed info:

Music-making seems increasingly easier, or at least that is what we can see due to the huge amount of deliveries all around the globe. Ambient projects are among the most undervalued because of their apparent simplicity. However, some of these are truly creative and evocative despite minimalism.

Derek W. Schultz (aka Night) has been pressing keys since 2005 under the tag Procer Veneficus, releasing 10 full-lengths since then, which is somehow fishy. A similar situation to that of the German ambient colleague project Vinterriket. I say suspect because you must have lots of good ideas in order to make that heap of albums; otherwise, it might become a shameful sin.

In fact, ambient music can offer a wide range of possibilities, most of which are absent on this particular record. “Oceanic Spheres” appears as oceanic as the album’s concept requires, but soon you realize that the structure is not an impressive one at all. There are only synths, simple slow pattern waves and more waves, leading you to the point of putting those boring sounds aside, precipitating the “Departure”.

Unlike Underjordiska, which is distributed under the same label, Procer Veneficus does not run any risk. I understand that Mr Shultz is not in search of the blackened funeral Nortt way, but he doesn’t arrive to the quiescent insane shores of Karjalan Sissit either. I can ignore this if the aim of this man was making a product destined to be barely audible and barely bearable, because the sea is calm and silent, I agree, but it is darker, fierce and unpredictable too. This isn’t even haunting, it is just too conservative. To me, Saltwater & Glassmoon is a nice title but very basic ambient stuff, incapable to amaze anyone.

Reviewed by Osvaldr


1. Oceanic Spheres (7:57)
2. Descent Through Glassmoon (7:23)
3. Amaranth And Liqueur (11:30)
4. Atmospheric Lull (5:40)
5. Departure (10:24)