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Review: Adrian Shenton – The Measuring of Moments (2008)


artist: Adrian Shenton
release: The Measuring of Moments
format: CDr
year: 2008
label: Quiet World
duration: 44:42

detailed info:

Welsh ambient/drone artist Adrian Shenton is a new name for me, and this full-length album on Quiet World is the introduction. It took me a while to get into The Measuring of Moments, but once I did, it revealed many of its subtler points to me.

The ten tracks on this album mostly stand alone in terms of sound and atmosphere, rather than forming a continuous whole. Each is based on a particular combination of different sounds, drones, effects, and synths, which makes the overall sound quite varied. All in all, I was never exactly blown away by the album, but I must say it is a pleasant listening experience with a lot to discover if you give it some time.

I’m particularly fond of the serene but mysterious opening track, as well as the calmly pulsating “Good Manners”. I’m sure any lover of ambient and drone music will find something to their liking here, as with all Quiet World titles thus far. Not accessible enough for the uninitiated, but with enough content to please patient listeners.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. Good Morning ( 5:42)
2. Decision (3:38)
3. Persistence (4:18)
4. Sky Gazing (2:14)
5. Toleration (1:42)
6. Expectation (4:32)
7. Good Manners (4:57)
8. Self Confidence (3:46)
9. Sky Gazing 2 (6:11)
10. Goodnight (7:43)