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Review: The Gray Field Recordings - The Weaver’s Daughter (2009)

tgfr_twdartist: The Gray Field Record­ings
release: The Weaver’s Daugh­ter
format: CD-R
year of release: 2009
label: Anti­Clock
dur­a­tion: 34:09

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com.

After quite a long wait, we were presen­ted with the latest album by the Amer­ican exper­i­mental folk pro­ject The Gray Field Record­ings, the brainchild of R. Lof­tiss. It was well worth the wait, I may add, for The Weaver’s Daugh­ter is a gor­geous album, every bit as estrangingly beau­ti­ful as its pre­de­cessor Hyp­n­ago­gia, but with per­haps even more refine­ment.

The basic sound has­n’t changed all that much: haunt­ing acous­tic melod­ies, noises, indus­trial sound effects, violin by Justin Jones on a couple of tracks, and over it all R.‘s soft whis­pers and vocals, telling stor­ies of hurt, lost memor­ies, and dreams. At least, that’s how the feel­ing I get when listen­ing to these tracks, where the soft voices blend in with the music to cre­ate the unique atmo­sphere I was already so enthu­si­astic about con­cern­ing the last album. Like ghosts wreak­ing havoc in the kit­chen of your derel­ict coun­tryside home while grandma is singing a bal­lad on the porch. And bey­ond, because I would cer­tainly not want to give the false impres­sion that this music is after some cheap hor­ror effect. Rather, it man­ages to tap into those hid­den dreams and fears we’d rather not face, but also the mel­an­cholic beauty of know­ing they are part of life and can­not be escaped.

I’m wax­ing lyr­ical again, which tends to hap­pen with albums of a cer­tain qual­ity level. The Weaver’s Daugh­ter is short but (bitter)sweet, and one of this year’s essen­tial releases in exper­i­mental folk and ambi­ent. It’s pack­aged in a hand­stamped gate­fold, tied up with string and wax-sealed, in an edi­tion of 100 cop­ies, so get it while you can. You’re not likely to regret it.

Reviewed by O.S.


I. The Weaver’s Daugh­ter (5:02)
II. Milky White (2:48)
III. In Milky Twi­light (4:46)
IV. Pet­ri­core And Lul­laby (3:51)
V. Trans­mis­sions From The Ter­minal (2:30)
VI. Tiny Music (5:06)
VII. From Shene­land (5:39)
VIII. Abhadda Ked­h­abhra (4:27)