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Review: The Joy of Nature / novemthree - Auguries Of Innocence / Meandering In Streams Of Reflection (2009)

artist: The Joy of Nature / novem­three
release: Augur­ies Of Inno­cence /
Mean­der­ing In Streams Of Reflec­tion

format: 2x 3″ CD-R
year of release: 2009
label: Little Some­body
dur­a­tion: 41:53

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com.

Two Little Some­body labelmates get together on this latest instal­ment of the double 3″ splits. A per­fect pack­aging once again, with a sewn paper gate­fold hold­ing the spraypainted and hand-stamped CDr’s.

Augur­ies of Inno­cence presents more of the dreamy neo­folk we’ve heard on earlier The Joy of Nature releases, but mixed with some heav­ier rock influ­ences, like on “Song of Inno­cence”. Styl­ist­ic­ally, I like this innov­a­tion, though the vocal per­form­ance could use some brush­ing up here and there. All in all, this is another solid per­form­ance, and a suc­ces­ful mix of intense and dream­like folk ele­ments. This won’t dis­ap­point you if you were par­tial to Luís’ earlier work.

Novem­three is back to its highest level since Of My Mother’s Weary Wan­der­ings…, with Pythag­u­mus dar­ing to put in vocal per­form­ances again. The var­ied singing parts on Mean­der­ing in Streams of Reflec­tion add just the touch these com­pos­i­tions needed, per­fect­ing a style the has sig­ni­fic­antly matured the past few years. This EP simply holds more excel­lent mater­ial for lov­ers of foresty neo­folk, includ­ing var­ied instru­ments, per­cus­sion, and voice.

Another great touch are the über-cute but­tons issued by Little Some­body to accom­pany this and other releases. Be sure to get some of those when order­ing this split, which is recom­men­ded to all neo­folk lov­ers.

Reviewed by O.S.


Augur­ies Of Inno­cence:
1.1 Die Liebe Ist Ein Traum (1:36)
1.2 Nobody’s Fault But Mine (3:05)
1.3 Song Of Inno­cence (4:36)
1.4 Am I A But­ter­fly? (1:48)
1.5 Für Das Kleine Mäd­chen Von Meinen Träu­men (2:29)
1.6 Augur­ies Of Inno­cence (4:35)
1.7 The Show Is Over (2:50)

Mean­der­ing In Streams Of Reflec­tion:
2.1 Reach­ing The Sum­mit At Night­fall (3:11)
2.2 The First Flowers (4:18)
2.3 We All Must Die (2:57)
2.4 Gath­er­ing Wild­flowers (1:45)
2.5 How Heavy The Days (4:15)
2.6 Meadow Song (3:09)
2.7 We Choose To Lie Calm (1:19)