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Review: Lisa O Piu – Whisperers, Wavers, Hunters And Sailors (2008)

artist: Lisa O Piu
release: Whisperers, Wavers, Hunters And Sailors
format: 7″
year of release: 2008
label: Autumn Ferment
duration: 9:01

detailed info:

This 7″ with the cute cover drawing – including squirrels playing flute! – is the first release on James Reid‘s Autumn Ferment label. This Scottish imprint focuses on alternative folk in many guises, and looks to be a promising endeavour. Lisa O Piu is a Swedish lady playing a recognisable and pleasant style of singer/songwriter folk, and this single reproduces two tracks from a highly limited CDr on the Swedish Hör upp label.

The A-side is a nice uptempo track interweaving fingerpicked acoustic guitar and vocals, with a touch of electric guitar here and there. Like the cover art suggests, the music creates a dreamy, natural atmosphere. The B-side contains a more calm and melancholic track, which highlights another side of Lisa’s music, which is not incredibly original in terms of style, but which still manages to be expressed in a fresh and interesting own language. I feel a strong conceptual vision and world behind these songs, which makes these relatively simple songs fascinating.

As a single should be, Whisperers, Wavers… is short and sweet, and it is a promising first release for both the label and the artist. Certainly worth checking out if you enjoy alternative folk with a female voice.

Reviewed by O.S.


A. Whisperers, Wavers, Hunters And Sailors (4:13)
B. Equatorial Changes (4:48)