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Review: Language of Light - The Tower / Crow Tongue - Wind Chant (2008)

Crow Tongue side
Crow Tongue side
Language of Light side
Lan­guage of Light side

artist: Lan­guage of Light / Crow Tongue
release: The Tower / Wind Chant
format: 7″
year of release: 2008
label: Anti­Clock
dur­a­tion: 10:33

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com.

This here 7″ is a nice little offer­ing from Anti­Clock records, and it’s a split between Lan­guage of Light, which is a duo con­sist­ing of R. Lof­tiss (The Gray Field Record­ings) and Frank Suchomel (Inal­onely­place) and Crow Tongue, which has become Timothy Ren­ner (Stone Breath) his new main pro­ject, where he is joined by Æ Hoskin on drums. It’s pressed into a nice disc of marbled grey vinyl, which along with the grey art­work makes for a very fine lay­out.

Lan­guage of Light occu­pies the A-side, with a track that is very dif­fer­ent from their first EP, Inside The Head Of A But­ter­fly Dream­ing Of Being A Giant Moth Des­troy­ing Tokyo, which was basic­ally a long, spacy drone. “The Tower” is much more a mix­ture of the styles of either mem­ber of the duo, com­bin­ing exper­i­mental folk, drones, spoken word, and samples. The song sounds quite sweet, but also gains in intens­ity, cli­max­ing in a very nice folk drone with Justin Jones on guest violin. A funny side detail is this: the track incor­por­ates samples of aged vinyl crackle, but the 7″ itself is also not of the highest qual­ity - my copy being slightly off-centre - which adds nat­ural surges of crackle to the sound as well. The res­ult of the two over­laid ‘defects’ is supris­ingly nice, how­ever.

The crack­ling sound is also present on the B-side of course, where it is equally unob­trus­ive, to be hon­est. It fits quite nicely into the lo-fi folk ritual that is “Wind Chant”. The track is a hyp­notic, repet­it­ive one based mainly on vocals, djembe, per­cus­sion and a homemade bass gum­bri-banjo. It’s quite typ­ical of Ren­ner’s style, but works very well on this release.

The end res­ult is a good split single by two inter­est­ing artists from the Amer­ican exper­i­mental scene. If you enjoy any of the related pro­jects, or fancy a peek at what’s hap­pen­ing in the US folk/drone avant­garde, do pick up this slab of grey mat­ter.

Reviewed by O.S.


A. Lan­guage of Light - The Tower (6:03)

B. Crow Tongue - Wind Chant (4:30)