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Review: Death in June - The Rule of Thirds (2008)

di6_trotartist: Death In June
release: The Rule of Thirds
format: CD, 2 X 10″
year of release: 2008
label: NER / Tesco Dis­tri­bu­tion
dur­a­tion: 48:20

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com.

After rumours that Death in June had quit, there is finally the release of The Rule of Thirds. After a long period of patience, we are finally treated to a fresh album full of new tracks. It was released on CD, double 10″ pic­ture disc and double 10″ black vinyl. Since I only own the last ver­sion, that is the one I will review. The vinyl release looks mar­vel­lous, housed in a gate­fold with track­list and logo embossed (espe­cially the emboss­ing is very subtle and beau­ti­ful), and two nice thick slabs of black vinyl. Addi­tion­ally, there is a large poster, with Douglas P. (I pre­sume - he’s wear­ing a mask) on one side and the lyr­ics on the other.

It’s safe to say that Death in June fans can buy this one blindly. We hear the famil­iar singer/songwriter style: Douglas P.‘s intro­ver­ted voice, accom­pan­ied by acous­tic gui­tar and vari­ous effects. The tracks don’t have a lot of vari­ation between them, but I’d like to name a few high­lights. “Jesus, Junk and the Jur­is­dic­tion” is pleas­ant to the ears, with a catchy refrain. The same goes for “Last Europa Kiss”, the title track, “Truly Be” and “Takeyya”, I pre­sume in ref­er­ence to the reli­gious right that muslims have to hide or deny their faith when ser­i­ously threatened or pro­sec­uted - although this isn’t expli­citly clear in the track, as mr. P.‘s lyr­ics are still quite sym­bolic and cryptic.

Des­pite these pos­it­ive points, some­thing keeps nag­ging at me when I listen to this album. It all sounds very nice and there are, as said, cer­tainly sev­eral stand out tracks, but some­how it all isn’t quite mem­or­able. There is too little that dis­tin­guishes the tracks from one another; it seems as if Douglas is really play­ing on safe here. More vari­ation or exper­i­ment­a­tion cold­n’t have hurt, in my opin­ion. Com­par­ing this album to my per­sonal Death in June favour­ites (Nada!, Brown Book, But What Ends When the Sym­bols Shat­ter, and Rose­clouds of Holo­caust) this one sadly falls short. Still, by itself this is quite simple a good album that is worth check­ing out and pur­chas­ing.

Reviewed by D.M.K.


1. The Glass Coffin (5:53)
2. Forever Loves Decay (4:00)
3. Jesus, Junk and the Jur­is­dic­tion (4:06)
4. Idol­atry (3:32)
5. Good Mourn­ing Sun (3:55)
6. The Per­fume of Trait­ors (3:42)
7. Last Europa Kiss (2:06)
8. The Rule of Thirds (4:10)
9. Truly Be (2:42)
10. Their Decep­tion (3:04)
11. My Rhine Atro­city (3:33)
12. Takeyya (3:30)
13. Let Go (4:07)