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Review: Absent – Absent’s Children (2008)

absent_childrenartist: Absent
release: Absent’s Children
format: CD
year of release: 2008
label: Guerilla Underground
duration: 42:57

detailed info:

Absent is a French electronica duo and Absent’s Children is their latest release, officially an EP. However, several friends from the French underground have joined in and remixed the four original tracks, bringing this CD to a total of eight tracks. This concept works flawlessly, for the remixes give a very different new twist to the tracks, so that we recognise some elements from the original versions, creating a pleasant reminiscent feeling without becoming redundant.

The style of the EP can best be described broadly as alternative dark electronica, mixing elements of glitch, ambient and IDM with a touch of noise. Melodies are quite prominent throughout, while the rhythms are mostly subtle and glitchy, though sometimes reaching a more intense level, such as on “La Capacité D’Être Seul” or Ten Data Keshin‘s remix “Dark Corridor”, both of which are among the highlights on the album.

At times, I feel the EP is somewhat too abstract or sterile, and a bit more original elements could have made it stand out more among similar music. All the same, this is a well-produced electronica album with a seriously good groove and flow, and a pleasant level of detail. Certainly recommended to lovers of electronic music, and a project that’s worth keeping an eye on.

Reviewed by O.S.


1 L’Aire De L’Informe (6:24)
2 La Capacité D’Être Seul (6:20)
3 Willy (5:04)
4 Processus Primaires (4:23)
5 Kabutogani – Sticky Skies (4:59)
6 La Division Mentale – Little Faust’s Plays (6:47)
7 Ten Data Keshin – Dark Corridor (4:28)
8 Shizuka – L’Enfance (4:32)