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Review: Absent - Absent’s Children (2008)

absent_childrenartist: Absent
release: Absent’s Chil­dren
format: CD
year of release: 2008
label: Guer­illa Under­ground
dur­a­tion: 42:57

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Absent is a French elec­tron­ica duo and Absent’s Chil­dren is their latest release, offi­cially an EP. How­ever, sev­eral friends from the French under­ground have joined in and remixed the four ori­ginal tracks, bring­ing this CD to a total of eight tracks. This concept works flaw­lessly, for the remixes give a very dif­fer­ent new twist to the tracks, so that we recog­nise some ele­ments from the ori­ginal ver­sions, cre­at­ing a pleas­ant remin­is­cent feel­ing without becom­ing redund­ant.

The style of the EP can best be described broadly as altern­at­ive dark elec­tron­ica, mix­ing ele­ments of glitch, ambi­ent and IDM with a touch of noise. Melod­ies are quite prom­in­ent through­out, while the rhythms are mostly subtle and glitchy, though some­times reach­ing a more intense level, such as on “La Capa­cité D’Être Seul” or Ten Data Keshin’s remix “Dark Cor­ridor”, both of which are among the high­lights on the album.

At times, I feel the EP is some­what too abstract or sterile, and a bit more ori­ginal ele­ments could have made it stand out more among sim­ilar music. All the same, this is a well-pro­duced elec­tron­ica album with a ser­i­ously good groove and flow, and a pleas­ant level of detail. Cer­tainly recom­men­ded to lov­ers of elec­tronic music, and a pro­ject that’s worth keep­ing an eye on.

Reviewed by O.S.


1 L’Aire De L’In­forme (6:24)
2 La Capa­cité D’Être Seul (6:20)
3 Willy (5:04)
4 Pro­ces­sus Primaires (4:23)
5 Kab­u­t­ogani - Sticky Skies (4:59)
6 La Divi­sion Men­tale - Little Faust’s Plays (6:47)
7 Ten Data Keshin - Dark Cor­ridor (4:28)
8 Shizuka - L’En­fance (4:32)