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Review: AIT! - Romanticismo Oltranzista (2007)

ait_roartist: AIT!
release: Roman­ti­cismo Oltran­zista
format: CD
year of release: 2007
label: Punch Records
dur­a­tion: 43:06

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

I got to know the Italian one man pro­ject AIT! on the 2008 edi­tion of the Sum­mer Dark­ness fest­ival. I was curi­ous how this catchy act would sound on CD, so I con­tac­ted Tairy Ceron, the man behind the pro­ject and behind Punch Records, and he was gen­er­ous enough to send me the latest album. AIT! has released earlier mater­ial, but these albums are not avail­able any­more, so it has­n’t been pos­sible for me to com­pare Roman­ti­cismo Oltran­zista with its pre­de­cessors. Nev­er­the­less, there is always the album itself, which I will treat now.

Roman­ti­cismo Oltran­zista is per­haps best described as a col­lec­tion of songs with influ­ences from disco, indus­trial and rock(abilly). The atmo­sphere is dec­ad­ent, dark, and con­jures up vis­ions of vin­tage porn, sleazy nightclubs, and the like. The lyr­ics are in Italian, but luck­ily also trans­lated into Eng­lish. After see­ing the show, I expec­ted them to be mostly about erot­i­cism, but the sub­ject mat­ter is var­ied. Some lyr­ics are quite per­sonal, while oth­ers fea­ture social cri­ti­cism.

The songs them­selves also have quite some vari­ation. The album starts with a musica intro with Tairy invit­ing you to an adult show to for­get the drab every­day life and the mediocrity of our age. The next two songs are calm and not very remark­able, but do not dis­tract from the over­all atmo­sphere. The dirty disco track “La Lib­era e Demo­crat­ica Soci­età Mod­erna” is one of the high­lights for me. “Dio” is a sparse indus­trial track with a heavy, drag­ging beat, vari­ous effects and the by now typ­ical rever­ber­at­ing vocals of Tairy. The abso­lute high point, how­ever, is the up-tempo “Il Mondo è Morto (Trent’anni fà)”, a catchy track with well-timed eddects and a driv­ing bass­line. The rocka­billy track “Una Ded­ica” is also quite amus­ing. He played this song dur­ing Sum­mer Dark­ness, and it’s fun to real­ise that Tairy was wav­ing hap­pily at the audi­ence dur­ing this track, while singing “Vaf­fan­culo, cogli­one!!” (= “Fuck you, asshole!”) at the unsus­pect­ing crowd, who were cour­teously wav­ing back. The album closes with the angry “Donna”, a reworked ver­sion of the track the first appeared on the split with Nový Svet in 2003.

A little more vari­ation (espe­cially in terms of tempo) would­n’t have hurt this album, but besides that, I think it’s very good. In my review of the gig, I wondered whether the music would be enjoy­able without a live act, and I can now safely say that this is indeed the case. I’ll keep a close eye on AIT! from now on, and urge you to do like­wise.

Reviewed by D.M.K.


1. Uno Spettacolo Adulto (2:00)
2. Io Ballo da Solo (6:22)
3. Tempo Morto (5:08)
4. La Lib­era e Demo­crat­ica Soci­età Mod­erna (4:40)
5. Le Tue Lab­bra Gri­gio-Blu (3:18)
6. Dio (3:53)
7. Una Fantasia Stru­mentale (4:52)
8. Il Mondo è Morto (Trent’anni fà) (3:36)
9. Una Ded­ica (3:03)
10. Donna (6:14)