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Review: Psychic Space Invasion – Transitions (2008)

artist: Psychic Space Invasion
release: Transitions
format: CD
year of release: 2008
label: Persepolis
duration: 41:10

detailed info:

Apparently, Transitions is going to be the last album by Psychic Space Invasion. I believe Welsh droner Ian Holloway has decided to continue making music under his own name, leaving this project behind. The album under review here, then, marks the transition between two phases, not only symbolically, but also in terms of music.

Combined in this one long track are influences from various stages of Holloway’s musical development. It starts out with a powerful, obscure drone consisting of many layers, and embellished with pretty effects sounding like warped chimes and such things. This spacious and fascinating piece develops slowly over the course of the first ten minutes, and gains intensity. At about fifteen minutes, rhythmic distorted voice loops emerge from the depths, transforming the track into something reminding me of the hypnotic Pendulum album. Rhythmic patterns are also formed in the deeper drones itself, building the track up to trancelike levels. More near the end of the track, starting at about 27 minutes, a piano melody starts fading into the still churning loop maelstrom. Slowly the intensity of the track wanes, leaving the piano melody to end the album in a calmer way, which reminds me of Holloway’s work on Itto. All through the album, additionally, we hear the slightly darker touch that features in much of Holloway’s recent music.

Transitions may be the last PSI album, but I’m glad Holloway isn’t quitting music altogether. He keeps on putting out good drone and ambient works, both solo and collaboratively, so look for his own name from now on. In the meantime, Transitions is recommended to all lovers of quality droneworks.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. (41:10)