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Review: Cisfinitum - Tactio (2008)

artist: Cisfin­itum
release: Tac­tio
format: CD
year of release: 2008
label: Mechanoise
dur­a­tion: 46:40

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Rus­sian dark ambi­ent pro­ject Cisfin­itum is a new name for me, as is the Mechanoise label, but this excel­lent release will surely help me remem­ber them for the future. Tac­tio was recor­ded live in the St. Petri Dom cathed­ral in Bre­men, and although being there must have been an even bet­ter exper­i­ence, this live regis­tra­tion cap­tures a great atmo­sphere.

Tac­tio is made up one 45-minute set divided into six move­ments and a clos­ing outro of applause. It starts off with calm melodic waves, prob­ably cre­ated with manip­u­lated violin. Added to this are the usual trap­pings (effects and sounds) of dark ambi­ent. In the later move­ments, Evgeny Voro­novski, the man behind the pro­ject, starts util­ising church bells to great effect, cre­at­ing drones, loops, and melod­ies. The last move­ment, finally, twists everything into a bril­liant hyp­notic rhythm.

All through the album, an abstract, mys­tical or even reli­gious atmo­sphere is achieved and com­bined with skilled present­a­tion and misty sound; the res­ult is mar­vel­lous.

This one’s highly recom­men­ded to dark ambi­ent and drone enthu­si­asts. Ref­er­ences to artists like Troum, Raison d’Être, and Psychic Space Inva­sion are cer­tainly not out of place, and who knows, Cisfin­itum itself might become a touch­stone for the genre in the future.

Reviewed by O.S.


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2. (7:58)
3. (5:55)
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